Foundation offers kidney disease info

One out of nine adults has chronic kidney disease and most don’t know it, according to the Northeast Kidney Foundation. It wants New Yorkers to take notice, and to know their risk factors.

The Northeast Kidney Foundation provides education, assistance, clinical education and healthcare advocacy. For free fact sheets about chronic kidney disease and your risk factors, call 1-800-999-9697 ext 2 or email

"Chronic kidney disease can develop for years without any symptoms, " says Dr. Thomas a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. "Those with diabetes and high blood pressure are at greatest risk. There are currently 1.5 million people in the State of New York living with kidney disease with 30,000 undergoing dialysis treatment last year. "If more people were aware of the risk factors and took preventive measures, we could potentially delay or prevent the need for dialysis. "

Chronic kidney disease is a major health problem that continues to escalate, foundation officials said. Nationwide, 26 million people have chronic kidney disease, another 20 million are at risk, and more than 350,000 are receiving dialysis treatment. At a cost of about $71,000 per person per year, it’s a financial burden on our healthcare system.

Complications can result from chronic kidney disease, with heart disease being the most common. This came to light recently with news of Tom Martinez’ death of a heart attack while receiving dialysis treatment. Martinez was the long time mentor and coach to Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

"Education and intervention are key," continues Dr. Schumacher. "Knowing your risk factors, taking preventive measures and being proactive are all Important to preventing and managing chronic kidney disease."

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