Adirondack budget will be revisited after aid increase

BOONVILLE — The impact of a slightly larger than expected state aid increase for the proposed 2012-13 Adirondack school district budget, which already was set to go before district voters, will get another look from the Board of Education.

Adirondack’s aid increase in this week’s final state budget, a net additional hike of about $38,000 compared to the aid increase in Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s January state budget proposal, likely will be addressed at the board’s April 10 meeting, said district Superintendent David Hubman.

The board earlier in March had adopted a 2012-13 budget of about $25.8 million, with a 1.89 percent local tax levy increase, that will seek district voters’ approval in the May 15 election.

Among potential options for the board, said Hubman, are to use the additional $38,000 to lower the tax levy increase to the 1.2-1.4 percent range; reduce the budget’s $225,000 usage of district fund balance/reserves; or place the $38,000 in an "appropriated" fund balance account for future usage.

Adirondack’s state aid excluding expense-driven aid for building projects showed an approximately $389,000 increase in the final state budget, up about 3.3 percent, compared to an approximately $292,000 aid increase or 2.49 percent in Cuomo’s proposal. However, Hubman said the gain in the increase will be partially offset by a reduction in the district’s transportation-related aid, due to retaining some bus aides who are no longer eligible for the state assistance.