Water department praised for repairs

Kudos to Matt Keller and the city water department. On Sunday, Jan. 22, I went outside to get my newspaper and discovered a large water puddle on my front lawn with water coming out of the ground. I suspected a water main leak. I called Matt Keller, a city engineer, to get advice. It didn’t appear to be an emergency, so he said he would contact the water department Monday morning. The water department was at my house early Monday to assess the problem: A water leak. They contacted me and others affected to inform us they would come at 9 a.m. Tuesday. Promptly, they were here.

The whole crew worked all day (about 12 hours) in cold, wet muddy conditions into the dark until the job was successfully completed. I was impressed with their diligent work efforts and their expertise. They did a great job in a short time to get all of us our water back. I’m sure my neighbors who were also affected would appreciate their efforts if they could have seen first hand, as I did.

The public is quick to complain if they are not satisfied with public employees and their work but do not praise them for their good work. Thanks again guys for a job well done.

— Louis K. Smith,

6980 Coleman Mills Road