Thankful for what we have

In response to the letter from Julia Izzo which was printed on Jan. 17, I totally agree with her views.

We are being led to believe that Social Security is going broke and therefore we will not be receiving cost-of-living increases. The truth is that politicians still want to get their hands on it for other "backdoor" dealings.

Concerning the other issue, the raises given to the school district superintendent, ti causes one to wonder where our priorities are. I have been informed that our students are using textbooks published in 1980 and that many of the students have to share books due to lack.

It is no wonder the people have no trust in today’s world. The greed and corruption that is taking place in all areas of our society is a travesty. Those in authority are no longer satisfied with a half loaf of bread; they want the whole loaf and will settle for nothing less. Let’s be thankful for what we have and think of those without. Give the "little guy" a break and keep the politicians from robbing our finances.

— Kathleen A. Murphy,

1404 Franklyn St.