Two men indicted in Floyd home invasion

Two men charged in the home invasion and robbery at Wilber’s Mobile Home Park in Floyd have been indicated by a grand jury and are scheduled for arraignment in County Court on Monday.

Meanwhile, two other men have already pleaded guilty and three more are scheduled for guilty pleas sometime next month.

Christian T. Kelly, 26, no address available, and Chad R. Cherubin, 23, of Texas, were indicted Jan. 24 on three counts each of second-degree robbery, two counts of first-degree burglary and one count each of first-degree robbery and second-degree burglary. Both men are scheduled to appear before Judge Barry M. Donalty on Jan. 30.

An indictment is a formal charge made against a person by a grand jury. It does not establish guilt or remove the presumption of innocence.

Accused accomplices Travis J. Anderson, 21, of Utica, and Brandon M. Wilson, 20, of Utica, opted to plead guilty instead of having their cases presented to a grand jury, prosecutors said. Both Anderson and Wilson pled to third-degree burglary, on Jan. 18 and 23 respectively. They are both scheduled for sentencing on March 7.

Three other men charged in the break-in, Robert J. Reynolds, 26, of Oriskany; Joseph N. Salerno, 21, of Frankfort; and Daniel J. Matys, 23, of Utica, have also agreed to plead guilty rather than go before a grand jury, prosecutors said. They are scheduled to appear in County Court to enter their pleas in February.

Authorities said at 2:20 a.m. Friday, Oct. 28, the seven men forced their way into a trailer at Wilber’s Mobile Home Park on Old Floyd Road, brandishing baseball bats and at least one handgun. The men were masked, and they demanded money from the three people who were inside the mobile home.

According to the indictment, the seven men stole a laptop computer, a Playstation 3 video game console, a cell phone and cash.

There was some confusion between the thieves and the victims when they all fled the mobile home, leading to a motor vehicle accident.

One victim jumped into his van and fled to nearby Rickmeyer Road, but only after one of the thieves smashed out his window with a baseball bat. Authorities said a female victim thought her male friend had climbed into their truck instead of the van, so she got into the passenger seat of the truck.

However, she soon realized that one of the thieves had gotten behind the wheel of the truck and drove off. Authorities said the woman grabbed the wheel and forced the truck to crash off the roadway. The suspect fled.

Authorities said all seven were eventually rounded up and taken into custody over the next several days.