Shush and shoo fail at Utica library

Silence in the library? Not for two Utica women accused of climbing onto the stacks and throwing pencils at the staff Wednesday.

Police said Carrie Bordeaux, 22, of Noyes Street, and Kaliegh Hanna, 18, of Woodburne Drive, were not at all quiet when they started making a scene at the Utica Public Library at about 5 p.m. The library staff asked the two women to leave, but they refused.

Police said the women then climbed to the top of the library stack and threatened to jump. Police said they broke pencils and threw them at the staff.

When officers arrived at the library, Bordeaux and Hanna were being detained by library staff. Authorities said both women were taken into custody for disorderly conduct and trespass. They are scheduled to appear in City Court.