Web design basics class in Oriskany

ORISKANY — A free two-hour class on Basic Web Design using a GUI ("Graphical User Interface") program (i.e. Kompozer, BlueGriffon, etc.) to build a website is scheduled at the Oriskany Public Library, 621 Utica St. It’s from 2-4 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27.

You can register by calling 736-2532.

Students will learn about web page standards/elements such as: page width, white space, headers, title, headings, bullet lists, numbered lists, alignment, hyperlinks, images, mailto: links, and tables.

Participants must be experienced computer users.

BlueGriffon, KompoZer, etc. are free open source web authoring systems

with a simple user interface allowing creation of attractive web sites without requiring extensive technical knowledge or use of web coding (such as HTML).