By STEVE JONES Staff writer

With plenty of work to do as he finishes his third week in office, Mayor Joseph R. Fusco Jr. said he’s not sure when or where will deliver his first state of the city address.

Traditionally, mayors present a message in January. In recent years, however, it shifted to April to follow adoption of the state budget on April 1 and also after the county executive’s message. State and county policies have enormous economic impact on city planning.

"This year’s state of the city will be a little different," said Fusco. "It will be a little later. Obviously we’re transitioning. We’re looking into a lot of things, doing a lot of research." He continued: "I don’t want to be tied down to a specific time frame right now. There are too many loose ends out there now. I need to know how much help we get from the Comptroller’s Office." Fusco’s transition team is reviewing many of the policies from the previous administration, examining the $41.2 million spending plan for 2012 approved before he took office, and just beginning negotiations with the five unions that represent city workers, all of which are without contracts for 2011 and 2012.

In the future, Fusco said of his state of the city addresses, they will be "ready early on."