25 driveway-to-driveway thefts by midnight teams

NEW HARTFORD — A rash of thefts from vehicles has hit the village, leading to at least 25 reported cases and at least one smashed window.

No arrests have been made as law enforcers ask for people to be on the lookout.

Town police said the thieves are working in a team of two or three who have been going driveway-to-driveway between midnight and daybreak over the past week. The thieves first check to see if a vehicle is unlocked, and if it is, then they ransack the inside looking for valuables.

Police said they have stolen GPS units, brief cases, gym bags, purses, jewelry and loose change. Only one locked vehicle has so far been broken into, with its window smashed out, police stated.

The thieves have hit neighborhoods in Chadwicks, Washington Mills, Oxford Road, Bolton Road and Paris Road so far, authorities stated.

Anyone who sees suspicious behavior outside their home at these hours is asked to immediately call 9-1-1. Police said to be on the lookout for people walking in yards or driveways, car alarms going off, automated security lights, barking dogs or any other suspicious activity.

Anyone with information on the thefts is asked to telephone police at 733-6666. All calls will be kept confidential. And police warn all citizens to keep their vehicles locked at all times and to never store valuables in your vehicle.