Door-to-door shoveling cover for Utica burglaries

A burglar has been going door-to-door in east Utica offering snow-shoveling services, using that as a cover to get close enough to see if anybody is home.

Several doors have been forced open, with the thief stealing cash and video game consoles, law enforcers said.

Police said the Hispanic male was going door-to-door in the early morning hours of Jan. 5, hitting the 300 block of Pleasant St. in the Cornhill district. Police said the man tried to force open doors when nobody answered his knock.

The man is described as 6-feet tall with a gray-colored hooded sweat shirt and a light-colored jacket.

Additional burglaries have also been reported along four neighboring streets in east Utica between Jan. 1 and 4, police said. Again the burglars used the deception of snow-shoveling services, but they do not know if it was the same suspect. Residences on Wetmore, Bacon and St. Anthony streets, as well as Tilden Avenue, were hit.

Anyone with information about the break-ins or if you encounter anyone fitting the description, you are asked to call police at 223-3501. All calls will be kept confidential. Police warned not to open your door to the man and to tell him to go away.