Charged in first meth drug bust in August; Parise gets charged for selling meth again

Rome resident Jason A. Parise was charged in the first methamphetamine drug bust in the city, and he admitted as much in County Court in October.

But not long after he was released on his own recognizance, law enforcers said Parise was back in Rome selling meth.

Now Parise, 27, formerly of 402 Riverside Drive, is back in both City Court and County Court facing multiple charges of drug possession and fleeing from law enforcers.

An additional $500 bail was added to Parise’s time in county jail on Friday by City Court Judge Daniel C. Wilson. Parise pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree harassment and resisting arrest. His case was adjourned to Jan. 4.

On Jan. 3, Parise is due to appear before County Court Judge Barry M. Donalty to both be sentenced on the drug bust and to appear on new charges of methamphetamine possession and sale.

Rome Police raided 402 Riverside Drive on August 1, and authorities said they found numerous portable methamphetamine labs cooking on every floor of the residence. Portable labs, commonly referred to as the ‘one-pot’ or ‘shake and bake’ method, involve mixing volatile chemicals in a two-liter soda bottle. Police said the meth labs were found in the basement, the living area and primarily in the attic.

The Riverside Drive residence was the first methamphetamine house busted in the City of Rome.

Parise was taken into custody along with his companion, 30-year-old Dawn A. Davis, authorities said. Davis and her two children, a 5-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy, lived at the residence with Parise.

Following the drug raid, Parise was held in county jail as his case was moved to the county level. On Oct. 11, Parise pleaded guilty before Judge Donalty to third-degree unlawfully manufacturing methamphetamine, and his case was adjourned for sentencing. After entering the guilty plea, Parise was released on his own recognizance from county jail.

Then on Dec. 8, prosecutors said Parise was back in Rome selling methamphetamine, while still awaiting sentencing on his original case.

A warrant was issued for Parise’s arrest on one count each of fifth-degree possession and fifth-degree sale of a controlled substance. State police found Parise in the 400 block of Lawrence Street at 3:50 p.m. Dec. 15. Troopers said Parise shoved one of the officers in the chest with both hands on then fled on foot to escape the warrant. Parise was eventually caught and taken into custody. He will be back in County Court on Jan. 3, and then in City Court on Jan. 4.