Oneida Savings has new president

ONEIDA FINANCIAL — Eric E. Stickles, left, and Michael Kallet, of Oneida Financial Services, stand outside the Oneida Savings Bank in Clinton. (Photo by Nancy L. Ford)

ONEIDA — Eric E. Stickels has been named president and chief operating officer of Oneida Savings Bank as part of a newly-adopted management succession plan.

Additionally, Deresa F. Durkee, senior vice president, has been promoted to chief financial officer of Oneida Savings Bank.

Michael R. Kallet continues to serve as chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the bank.

Stickels has been executive vice president and chief financial officer since January 2003. He has been associated with Oneida Savings since 1982.

Durkee joined the bank in 1998.

The bank operates two banking offices in Rome and 10 others in Oneida, Madison and Onondaga counties.