Strough student council students serve second graders at Denti

HELP WITH A HELPING — Strough Middle School eighth-grader Samantha Cataldo adds some items to the plate of Denti Elementary School second-grader Rebecca Worth, during a visit to help students make and decorate gingerbread houses.

FINISHING TOUCHES — Strough Middle School eighth-grader Jonathan Entelisano helps Denti Elementary School second-grader Stone Mecurio make a gingerbread house. A total of 29 Strough students visited Denti this week and worked with pupils on gingerbread houses, as part of the Strough Student Council’s activities during the year.

WITHIN HER REACH — Strough Middle School seventh-grader McKenzie Lubey helps Denti Elementary School second-grader McKenzie Pantola with gingerbread house preparations.