Child advocacy director resigns in work violation

The director of the county Child Advocacy Center, Patrick J. O’Connor, has resigned due to a workplace conflict with a female employee.

O’Connor submitted his resignation Nov. 18 following an investigation by the District Attorney’s Office.

O’Connor "resigned at the conclusion of an investigation...indicated that he had been involved in a relationship with a co-worker that violated office policy," said District Attorney Scott D. McNamara. The relationship was consensual with an adult co-worker.

O’Connor became director of the CAC, which investigates sex abuse against children, in October 2010 after serving with the Whitesboro Police Department. O’Connor replaced former director Kevin Revere, who is now director of county Emergency Services.

Investigator Richard Ferrucci, of the District Attorney’s Office, will be filling in on directorial duties for the time being, McNamara said. Ferrucci is a former investigator with the CAC, who will be in charge of assigning cases and overseeing the law enforcement aspects of the CAC, until an official replace can be appointed.

"Until the members of the CAC can make a decision on which direction we’re going to go," McNamara said.