Dog attack chatter cited by Trenton man’s lawyer

The defense attorney for the retired state trooper accused of shooting and killing another man’s dog believes the grand jury may have been unfairly influenced to bring charges.

Accused shooter Anthony Randazzo is scheduled to reappear in County Court on Dec. 7 to discuss the motions.

Attorney Les Lewis moved Wednesday to have Judge Barry M. Donalty review the grand jury transcript. Lewis wrote in his motion that one of the grand jurors may have unfairly influenced the panel by commenting on how people are properly trained in the military to handle dog attacks.

Randazzo, 51, of Powell Road, Holland Patent, is charged with one count each of felony aggravated cruelty to an animal and misdemeanor torturing or injuring an animal. He has already rejected a plea offer from prosecutors of several years probation if he pleads guilty to a reduced charge.

Authorities said on Aug. 24, Randazzo shot and killed another man’s German Shepherd on the Trenton Greenbelt trails. Randazzo claims that the dog was charging at him as if it were going to attack. The dog’s owner, Bernard Sperfeld, of Utica, claims that his pet Shadow was just playing.

Sperfeld also claims that Randazzo shot the dog as an act of retaliation after Sperfeld was in an argument with a woman the day before.