Jervis Public Library cites third-quarter donors

Donations to Jervis Public Library received July 1 through Sept. 30, have been announced.

The Board of Trustees notes that the library is a non-profit educational institution and tax-deductible donations are always welcomed and needed. Donations can be taken to or mailed to the library at 613 N. Washington Street, Rome, NY 13440-4296. Credit cards are accepted.

The Board of Trustees gave special acknowledgement to Joetta Bernhard, Berkshire Bank, and Rome Strip Steel for their generosity and expressed sincere appreciation to the families of Edith L. Aicholtz, William F. Cary, Doris S. Nolan, Marion Kennedy O’Brien, Eleanor M. Pickett, Peter Pliniski, Mildred Staffer, Maureen Murphy Urtz and Barbara M. Washburn for designating the library to receive gifts dedicated to the memory of their loved ones.

They included:

Edith L. Aicholtz from Ruth P. Augenstein, Mike and Carol Carletta, Margaret J. Hopkins, Phyllis M. Lacy, Leo and Doris K. Urtz, Marietta M. Wright

William F. Cary from Mary K. Finocchiaro, Friends, William Healt, Holdridge Family, William and Joan Hughes, Cheryl Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. James Kehoe, Patricia Lorusso, Marc A. Mario, Mary O’m. Murphy, Neal and Audrey Randle, RFA Class 1952, Rome Hospital Business Office, Ralph and Licia Seifert

Doris S. Nolan from Keith and Joyce Butters, Bruce and Kay Engelbert, Frederick Foster, Dorothy G. Griffin, David and Margee Grow, Ed and Cyndy Haley, Kirk and Linda Hinman, Sally Hinman, Luke and Micky Lucas, Donna M. Masi, Joe and Marg Maurer, Gloria P. Nelson, Chester Patrick and Barbara Connor, Virginia Peel, Franklyn B. Petrie, Fran Plesniarski, Marion C. Scoville, Charles and Gretchen Sprock, Jessie Thorpe, Michael and Mary Anne Valentine, George and Shirley Waters, Bill and Mary-Carmel Wolf

Marion Kennedy O’Brien from Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Duffy, Martha and Jeanne Ellinger, Kenneth Groth, Sue Hickox, Nancy Lehman, Karen Nolan, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Nolan, James K. Patrick III, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rashford, Donald Smith, Steve and Mickey Smith, Charles and Gretchen Sprock, Gary and Janice Virkler, Westmoreland Teachers Assoc.

Eleanor M. Pickett from Jim and Barb Acchino, Joseph and Charlotte Alari, Mr. and Mrs. Don Alvarez, Annsville Friendship Club, Faith Biondi, Mark, Joan and Kevin Coe, Kirk and Linda Hinman, Lori Holm, Mary Ann Lyman, Ann E. Mellen, Esther Metzger, James and Eleanor Murphy , Dyana Herrig O’neill, Shirley Potter, Doris Reber, Melanie Riegler, Tom and Katie Scales, Paul and Cela Schmidt, James T. Sgroi, Judith S. Staffer, Kathryn Stagner, Linda Underwood and Family

Peter Pliniski from Mr. and Mrs. Emil Auslander, Carl and Cheryl Colgan, Frances Dimarco, Patricia and Jamie Frasca, Bruce Gaska and Gd Koslofsky, Frank Guilfoil, Jeri Kaskoun, Donn and Georgia King, Ron and Jan Kowalczyk, Bob and Diane Kullmann, F. Daniel Larkin, Fran Plesniarski, South Rome Senior Citizens, Inc., Tramp & Trail Club, Marietta M. Wright.

Mildred Staffer from Harvey and Mary Marlar, Gerald Secor Family

Maureen Murphy Urtz from Americu Credit Union, Bd. Of Dir., Assured Information Security, Inc., John and Genie Barry, Margaret Bratge, Keith and Joyce Butters, Jim and Sue Cusack, Desmond Family, Samuel A. DiNitto, Gerard and Norma Dite, Bob and Betty Dyer, Northrup and Carole Fowler, Mark Linderman and Jennifer Geiger, Ron and Lucy Gleba, Donald and Carole Gondek, Bernard and Barbara Harrington, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hester, David and Connie Hurd, Jeri Kaskoun, Mr. and Mrs. James Kehoe, Dan and Cindy Kernan, Mark and Joan Lomery, Don and Betty Luczak, Scott Luczak, Charles and Gail Lupica, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McAuliffe, Jerry and Marge McDonald, Al and Nancy Pallas, Carl and Judy Parker, Pediatric & Medical Assoc. P.C., Jerry and Jean Pohorenec, Ellen M. Pouliot, Charles and Kip Rebick, Chuck and Donna Richards, Jim and Mimi Roberts, Paul and Laura Rusyniak, Charles and Gretchen Sprock, Lynne A. Texter, Bill and Mary-Carmel Wolf

Barbara M. Washburn from Bob and Kathy Bojanek, Henry and Gayle Bush, Mr. and Mrs. Garry Coleman, Frederick Foster, David and Margee Grow, Ed and Cyndy Haley, Kirk and Linda Hinman, Sally Hinman, Marilyn (Weissman) Krueger, Joe and Marg Maurer, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Parry, Sharon W. Parsons, Deborah Popovich, Ed and Sheila Rakowski, Steve and Linda Reed, Kenneth Robinson, Charles J. Schoff, Doris Shearman, Charles and Gretchen Sprock, Dee Swinney and Dick Gifford, Raymond and Susan Tarkowski, William and Barbara Tracy, Michael and Mary Anne Valentine, Duane and Lynda Wallace, Clara Washburn, George and Shirley Waters, Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Worlock


Additional memorial donations have been received in memory of:

Charlotte Ballister from Donald and Rita Page

Anne Barnard from Mr. and Mrs. James Kehoe, Sheila Vandeveer

Jean Trembeth Bartell from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Parry

Joseph W. Bernhard from Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fedors, Paul and Pam Senecal

Bookend from Paul and Helen Adsit, Mary Beth Portley and Derek McNally

Angelo Cingranelli from John and Maxine Strong,

Frederick Collatz from Karen Coccagnia

Nora Cortese from John and Genie Barry, Gerry Nelson, Joe and Sue Ortolano

Jean Cronin from A. Stedman Dowd

Antonette D’argenio from Mary-Ellen Vacca

John Della Contrada from Mary Ann Cox, Jennifer and Robert Evans-Fitzgibbon, Jacqueline Ghoson, Pat Donovan and Ellen Goldbaum, George and Lori Edel, Morgan Edel and Will Erokan, Marcia Murphy, Staff of Planned Parenthood Of S. Central NY, Walters Family, Paul and Ines Worlock

Genevieve Dibari from Sylvia Sallustio

Mark T. Dollard from John F. Waters

Mary Davies Downing from Colleen Adamson, W. Casanova, Peter and Lori Chien, Peg Corbett, Steve and Karen Farr, Jean Mahoney, Lisa Pritchard and Sterling Simon, Gerald and Sue Williams

Joan Eckweiler from Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Richard Edick from Annette Marullo

Matilda "Mickey" Calicchia Eldridge from Selma M. Calicchia, Dolly Flaver, Helen Spadafora

Nancy Fountain from Mr. and Mrs. James R. Jones

Jeffrey Stephen Frith from Paul and Laura Rusniak

Sirian Gazeloglu from Paul and Helen Adsit

Donimick A. Gerace from Bob and Chris Corredine, Frank P. Diberardino III, Dan and Cindy Guggi

Victoria Haase from Staley Sunshine

Dr. Jerry Haritatos from Jerry and Jean Pohorenec

William Houser, DDS from John and Joelle Taylor, John F. Waters

Ida Humphrey from Dominick and Mellony Spinelli

Donna Jones from William and Joan Hughes

Barbara (Bonnie) Kinne from Jim and Sally Ruby, Mary-Ellen Vacca, John and Sheila Wilson

Casimira J. Kozick from Gary G. Allison, Joseph and Barbara Bien, Robert Mott Family, Ronald and Susan K. Mott

Doris Brewer Latart from Susan B. Smugereski, Staff of Clinical Chem Lab at RGH

Roger Lehman from Jeff and Marge Palmer

George Lim, MD from Bruce and Kay Engelbert, Donald and Carole Gondek

Anthony J. Lombino from Frank P. Diberardino III

Dorothy Meneses from Peter and Lori Chien, Lisa Pritchard and Sterling Simon

Frank Pacicca from Dominick and Mellony Spinelli

Brian Randle from William and Joan Hughes

Mary Janet Rossi from Mary-Ellen Vacca

Salvatore Sgroi from Mr. and Mrs. Donald Page

Art Smaldon from Stephen and Marie Viscelli

Bette Smith from Dorothy K. James

Ray Smith from Louis and Celia Bartholomew

Alvina St. Denis from Gloria P. Nelson

Dr. Mildred Swarts from William and Barbara Tracy

Daniel C. Verrenti from Bob and Chris Corredine

Genevieve Wallis from Gloria P. Nelson

Michael "Coach" Warwick from Jim and Sue Cusack, Marla L. Millhouse, Marcia K. Murphy, Stephen and Marie Viscelli

Mary H. Wilson from Don and Barbara Davidson, Charles and Gretchen Sprock, John and Sheila Wilson

Walter Winfrey from Frances Dimarco,


Gifts in honor of someone were given:

In honor of Jack and Paula Finnegan from Bruce and Kay Engelbert

In honor of 50th anniversary Of Mr. and Mrs. Rich Rabe from Louis and Celia Bartholomew, Jackie Baynes, Mr. and Mrs. David Engelbert, Don and Carole Gondek, Georgeanna Howanietz, Ron and Marie Hughes.

In honor of Nola Griffiths Singleton from Furney Family

In honor of Alice Fitzgerald Taylor from John and Joelle Taylor


Giving Tree Gifts were received from: Sophia Dixon and Meemo, Janice Goetz.


Other cash gifts or library materials were received from:

Brad Austin, Courtney Bell, Carol Berger, Carrie Bergeron, Kim Birney, Geoffrey Bright, Shirley Bright, Jane Butters, Mary Carrick, Mary Carrig K., Barbara Cox, Catherine C. Demeter Foundation, Aaron Eckel and Robert Abrams, Lorraine Edwards, Francis Ernst.

Kristi Falcone, Gregg and Elaine Fedchak, Beatrice Ferguson, Helen Fisher, Jennifer Evans Fitzgibbon, Judy Gestrich, Emogene Haggerty, Fred Haritatos, Patricia W. Helmsen, Homecoming Realty, John Jeffers.

Bonnie A. Knapp, Sally Knudsen, Govanna Keniston, Mark Lamie, Bernice Lenio, Nicholina Limner, Martha Link, Tearia Lueck, Pat Mackey, Nancy Marsh, Maureen E. Martin, Amelia Mastrangelo, Danella Murphy, Marcia Murphy, Shirley Nasci, Ruth Nichols, R. Patrick O’Connor.

Patricia Pagano, Tom and Pat Parry, Rodney C. Peck, Vincent and Mary Petrucio, Charles Pfrimmer, Jean Plumb, June Pugh, Ken Rainess, Suzanne Rathbun, Jason Rogers, Rome Polish Home, Bonnie Rose, Sally Rosebloom, Amanda Ruiz, Dan Sanders, Joanne Scott, Marissa Smith, Petey Summa, Laura Tartaglia, Robert E. Thornton, Sr., Rebecca Warren, Kathleen Woodward, Paul Yager, Chris Zawatski, Justin Zurek.

On the net: