Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Town deeds

Annsville, Sheehan Road East (agriculture), Troy D. Hogue, to William S. and Ismaline J. Truex, $55,000.

Annsville, Route 285, Christmas & Associates, Inc., to Cameron Lawyer, $3,000.

Annsville, Blossvale Road, Michael D. Zavaro Sr., to Duane S. Williamson and Renee DeBernardis, $90,000.

Augusta, Sharman-McNeil Road (vacant land), Paul W. and Edna Branca, to David M. Becker, $15,500.

Augusta, 2248 Huth Sayer Road East, John F. Kowalski, to Dennis and Maridee Dukett, $50,000.

Augusta, 1981 Skyline Drive, Michael Reddy, to George Nassimos, $169,000.

Augusta/Marshall, 1614 Jasek Road/Sanger Hill Road, Perry A. Dibble and Elaine Volker, to Henry Jones, $69,999.

Augusta, Sharman-McNeil Road (agriculture), Jeremy L. and Colleen J. Bartholomew, to Thomas C. Brouillette, $100,000.

Augusta, 5935 McLaughlin Road, Jonathon D. Godrey, to Lisa I. Staskowski, $109,000.

Augusta, Sharman-McNeil Road (non-residential vacant land), RLB/PAB, LLC, to Matthew A., Malinda and Regina Miller, $31,500.

Augusta, Augusta Greens Subdivision, Lot 13 (vacant land), Jordan D. Keshler, to Ryan Wilcox, $14,000.

Ava, Route 26 (non-residential vacant land), Floyd R. and Olive J. Hawes, to James M. and Sheila M. Williams Sr., $800.

Ava, 6625 E. Ava Road, Jon C. and Sheryl L. Backer, to Chad Sturtevant and Sarah Gydesen, $89,000.

Ava, Pohl Road, Lot 3 (vacant land), Peter J. Sotanski and Phillip Berardi, to Michael P. Biro Jr., $19,000.

Ava, 5488 W. Ava Road, Kenneth J. Dutch, Deborah J. Kaiding and Linda D. Ossont, to Ryan J. Dutch, $60,000.

Barneveld, 8246 Trenton Falls Road, John and Jennifer Mack, to Timothy D. and Nuala S. Woods, $317,000.

Blossvale, 3445 Pine Road, Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc., to Frank Rehfeld, $27,500.

Boonville, 10169 Route 28, Black River Trading Company, Inc., to Thomas J. Kratzenberg, $116,500.

Boonville, Dean Road (non-residential vacant land), Roger and Stacie Summers, to John and Anna Bedolla, $89,000.

Boonville, 8081 Shore Drive, Nancy S. Eaton, to Eric T. and Patricia K. Yaple, $152,000.

Boonville, 10031 Hawkinsville Road (two parcels), Robert L. and Joanne M. Cole, to Peter L. Boudette and Elizabeth A. Locke, $39,000 and $188,000.

Boonville, 11884 Potato Hill Road, Linda M. Paladino-Addison, Joanne A. Kelpy and Jeanette P. Loadwick, to Michael and Alice Honey, $110,000.

Boonville, 110 West St., Robert Blood, to Lynn A. Fox, $22,000.

Boonville, 13194 Route 12, Don Davidson Motors, Inc., to D G Boonville, LLC, $600,000.

Boonville, 8100 Route 294, Beatrice Joslin, to CPCROC Marital Trust Two, Shirley F. Crodetti and Greg T. Mills, trustees, $65,000.

Boonville, Dorn Road (non-residential vacant land), 2096 Dennis, LLC, to Kelly Tassio, $22,902.

Boonville, 4065 Gaetano Lane, David F. Peterson Jr., to Stacey L. Moscicki, $190,000.

Boonville, 7111 Beaver Trail, Otto T. and Denyse Altamuro, to Brandon R. Czepiel, $50,000.

Boonville, 104 Ann St., Roger Sparrow, to Jonathan D. and Brenda Weaver, $35,000.

Boonville, 1673 Holmes Road, Rodney and Barbara Rice, to Dana R. and Anne M. Charbonneau, $20,000.

Boonville, 116 Belle Iles Place, Richard C. and Susan Law, to Inez H. Szot, $180,000.

Boonville, Smith Road (vacant land), Timothy C. Faber, to William V. and Sarah R. Slivinski, $8,000.

Boonville, DeVoe Road (vacant land), Randall and Roxanne Ballard, to Leonard Kirk, $11,000.

Camden, North Hillsboro Road (vacant land), Beverly Hina, to Aaron Milliman, $2,000.

Camden, 8945 Howd Road, Estate of Marie A. Riley, to Lindsay M. Cole, $99,000.

Camden, 54 Harden Blvd., Terry R. and Linda J. MacFarland, to Christopher J. Hondro, $165,000.

Camden, 45 Fayette St., Daniel M. Christmas, to Rebecca L. Christmas, $95,000.

Camden, 11 Emmons Circle, Camden United Methodist Church, Inc., to Sean E. McLaughlin, $157,500.

Camden, 47 Elm St., Fish Creek Development, Corp., to Lawrence L. and Sherri L. Thornton, $121,900.

Camden, 118 Taberg Road, Robert W. and Mary M. Sauer, to David L. and Deborah S. Doane, $93,700.

Camden, 10927 Cemetery Road, Harold H. Huntley Jr., to Jordan A. Moteyunas, $67,000.

Camden, 10320 River Road, Margaret E., Donald R. and Jessie R. Dunn, to Robert P. and Barbara E. Conniff, $225,000.

Camden, 52 Fayette St., Joel A. Gossner, by David G. Goldbas, as referee, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $82,521.

Camden, 9220 Route 13, Carolyn J. Gardinier, to Bruce E. and Renee A. Parker, $127,000.

Camden, 704 Route 69, Kristopher A. Hastings, to Oneida Savings Bank, as trustee of the Josette O. Smith IRA, $57,677.

Camden, Wolcott Hill Road (vacant land), Patrick B. and Bridget E. Piersall, to Michelle R. Waller, $28,900.

Camden, Hillsboro Road (non-residential vacant land), to Henry K. Parry, $50,000.

Deerfield, Crooked Brook Road, Elaine M. Malara, to Evan Crabtree, $20,500.

Deerfield, Schrider Road (agriculture), Jack and Margaret Humpf, to Thomas Ryan, $150,000.

Deerfield, 5980 Walker Road, Francis H. Schindler Sr., to Rachel L. VanHatten and Jason J. Cosanano, $138,000.

Deerfield, Brayton Road (vacant land), Henry and Susan Miller, to Bryan Ozog, $4,500.

Deerfield, Bell Hill Road (non-residential vacant land), Frank and Belinda Grossi, to R. Kessler & Associates, $14,500.

Deerfield, Doyle Road (non-residential vacant land), Karen Capraro, to Scott and Tricia Lupini, $100,000.

Deerfield, 6673 Trenton Road, William S. Devries, to Lisa A. Bord, $117,500.

Deerfield, 5595 Trenton Road, Leslie J. Hart, fka Leslie J. O’Shields and Michael C. Hart, to Mark and Lisa L. Reynolds, $160,000.

Deerfield, 640 Daytonna St., Claudia Nolan, to Sabrina Merithew, $98,580.

Deerfield, 107 Keri Lane, Timothy E. Mootz and Jean M. Yost, to Jean M. Yost, $30,000.

Deerfield, 5929 Browns Gulf Road, John A. and Jennifer A. Hill, to James F. Tomaino, $168,000.

Deerfield, 5953 Browns Gulf Road, Michael David and Sharon George Jr., to John A. and Jennifer A. Hill, $289,000.

Durhamville, 5564 Canal Road, Marty J. and Susan M. Winchell, to John D. and Susan E. Smith, $222,000.

Durhamville, 6659 Higginsville Road, Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp., to Morgan Jackson, $67,840.

Florence, River Road, Stephen Holdbrook, to Theodore N. and Jennifer L. York, $1,000.

Floyd, 8644 Route 274, Eric R. and Ellen J. Koenig, to Daniel L. and Susan D. Miller, $12,000.

Floyd, 8436 New Floyd Road, Bransen Realty Holdings, LLC, to Carmine and Tracy Perrotta, $105,600.

Floyd, 7615 Oakview Terrace, Steven A. and Karen E. Scherer, to Michael J. and Lori A. Sieffert, $255,000.

Floyd, 8343 Price Road, U.S. Housing and Urban Development, to Curtis and Lori E. Grower, $36,398.

Floyd, 8042 Glenwood Drive, Sarah Wnuk, to Brandon Rutledge and Kayla Sarus, $127,000.

Floyd, Edwards Road (non-residential vacant land), Theresa B. LaPointe Estate, to Richard J. and Shannon K. Kotary, $700.

Floyd, 8770 Soule Road, Kenneth R. and Shelly Ann Hall Jr., to Jamie L. Hall, $105,000.

Floyd, 8815 Thompson Road, Mark Perry as successor/trustee of the Beverly M. Perry Trust, to Perry James Allender, $247,000.

Floyd, 7252 Rickmeyer Road, Nick T. Coluccio, to Laurie Spring and Randall Hurlburt, $18,750.

Forestport, Hess Road, John M. Kuppermann, to Sam J. Camardello, $61,000.

Forestport, 7094 Walnut Road, Michael F. and Liane M. Dittman, to Richard and Kathleen Dailey, $135,000.

Forestport, 1252 Bearcreek Road, 1248 Bearcreek Road, Daniel W. Gilmore and Robert C. Olney Sr., to Daniel W. Gilmore, $1,500.

Forestport, Bowers Road, William G. Collis, to Daniel Monohan, $80,000.

Forestport, 3059 Bowers Road, Daniel C. Monohan, to Bartholomew P. Crowe Jr. and Linda C. Nolan, $55,000.

Forestport, Pine Lake Road Lot 14, Jeffery L. and Rose M. Jessie, to Grant D. Reeher and Katheryn A. Sowards, $60,000.

Forestport, 75 Hemlock Road, Robert D. and Leita M. Murphy, to Jerry L. and Sharon L. Sturdevant, $125,000.

Forestport, Woodgate Drive, James S. and Debra M. Newton, to John A. and Lisa A. Noviasky, $64,900.

Forestport, Woodhull Tract (non-residential vacant land), James F. Dennis Jr., to Foran Living Trust dated Aug. 9, 2001, $18,000.

Forestport, 12023 Meekerville Road, Patricia Ireland, to Timothy and Wendol Casper, $24,000.

Forestport, 5028 Division St., Bruce Petronio, to Arthur A. and Jean B. Gleasman, $500.

Holland Patent, 10170 Coombs Road, Charles C. and Joyce E. Mix, to Robert Murray and Janet Saxton Sr., $150,000.

Kirkland, 3852 Bristol Road, James E. and Gail L. Vivyan, to Daniel A. Hayes and Jennie Vivyan, $130,000.

Kirkland, 6 Rose Lane, Mark Rashford, to Matthew L. and Jennifer Hicks, $218,000.

Kirkland, 20 Utica St., James A. Hyde, to Michael D. Lane, $95,290.

Kirkland, off Norton Road, Douglass F. Wilson, to Thomas and Cynthia Higgins, $2,500.

Kirkland, 64 Stebbins Road, Dane R. and Kathleen Austin, to Gennacy and Inna Sen, $187,500.

Kirkland, 3-4 New St., Douglas B. Pilbeam, to Caryn M. Foote, $105,000.

Kirkland, 4 Old Boorne Drive, Helen J. Ford, to Edward B. and Linda Croghan, $146,750.

Kirkland, 16 Fair Meadow Lane, Leo M. and Nancy Devine, to Diana A. Dimitrov, $173,000.

Kirkland, 7104 College Hill Road, James A. Foote, to Matthew N. Gehring and Rebecca S. Murtaugh, $173,750.

Kirkland, 4216 Bristol Road, Timothy Broadbent, to Virginia Vanderpool and Steven Petras, $84,900.

Kirkland, 7465 Dugway Road, Raymond H. and Barbara Motyka, to Robert Sents and Abby Stahl, $160,590.

Kirkland, 7559 Route 5, Judith Tomaselli, to Sabrina M. Niznik, $81,620.

Kirkland, 69 Stebbins Drive, Joseph J. and Susan P. Viscomi, to Harlan Philip and Anita L. White, $192,500.

Kirkland, Fountain Street (vacant land), Kathleen Ann Wilkinson, to Christopher W. and Patricia H. Fox, $2,500.

Kirkland, 3861 Fountain St., Ronald James and Susan Faye Fehr, to Richard and Carla Pascucci, $266,500.

Kirkland, 76 Clinton St., Claire C. Burns as trustee of the Claire C. Burns Living Trust, to Robert and Tatyana K. Knight, $339,800.

Kirkland, 119 St. Mary’s Ave., Karin Hall, to Ryan Siepiola, $185,000.

Kirkland, 13 McBride Ave., Frank W. Potter, to Xiao Min Li and Zhang Yanchan, $82,000.

Kirkland, 4145 Campus Road, Gordon M. and Jennifer P. Hayes, to Adam W. and Priscilla M. VanWynsbergh, $325,000.

Lee, 9154 Route 26, George and Marion Blanchard, to Scott and LauraLynn Scales, $140,000.

Lee, Capron Road (vacant land), Fred Macchia, to Tina Vetter, $18,000.

Lee, Streun Road, GBF Corporation, to Shea Schoff, $67,500.

Lee, Turin Road, Samuel Caporilli, to Samuel Caporilli Jr., $61,904.

Lee, 8637 Emerald Circle S., Fred F. Macchia and Alicia A. Fracola, to Angela K. Davis, $28,000.

Lee, 38 Family Circle, William F. and Nancy Hulihan, to Joseph E. and Lori Vogel, $262,500.

Lee, 119 Tuscan Way, Paul A. and Patricia A. Destito, to Bernard P. and Lauren J. Owens, $53,500.

Lee, 144 Van Tassel Lane, William J. and Rose M. Pirillo, to Richard W. and Dorothea Park, $220,000.

Lee Center, 9767 Route 26, Ronald and Carol Gleason, to Mindy M. Mathis, $43,000.

Oneida Castle, 83 Seneca Ave., Frank DeGennaro and Tamara Henry, to Raymond and Joann Candee, $235,000.

Oriskany, 105 Monroe St., Anne C. Leibs, to Kimberly M. Jones and Michael S. Melvin, $87,000.

Remsen, Bardwell Road (non-residential vacant land), Colleen A. Plichta and Mary K. Nelson, to Donald Boucher, $16,000.

Remsen, Cookingham Road (vacant land), Gateway Properties of Upstate New York, Inc., to Thomas Ramos, $9,000.

Remsen, 11773 Route 365, Matthew Edwards, to Nicolaas Alant, $12,000.

Remsen, Jeep Trail off Roberts Road, Margaret Long, to Diana and Susan Dote, $110,000.

Remsen, Wood Road, Colleen A. Plichta and Mary K. Nelson, to Walter E. and Bradford Holmes Schofield, $45,000.

Remsen, 10893 Bardwell Mills Road, Michael B. and Timothy W. McDermott and Mary E. Jenny, to Roxanne J. Yaple, $103,927.

Remsen, 10514 Commons Road, Mary L. Redline, to Walter and Andrea L. Kaczor, $270,000.

Remsen, 9567 Main St., Ruth Taber, to Patrick Aughe and Ashley Kent, $66,780.

Sangerfield, 6885 Howell Hill Road, John R. and Debbie Ganung, to Charles J. and Michelle Oliver, $148,000.

Sangerfield, 1227 Osborne Ave., Lester Bretch, to Linda McEvoy, $69,000.

Sangerfield, Whalen Road (vacant land), Alan Nolan, to William G. Lachmann, $20,000.

Sangerfield, 181 Beaver Creek Road, Helen V. Lundt, to James L. and Faith E. Spooner and Jamie I. Spooner, $125,000.

Sangerfield, 7645 Route 20, Patrick R. and Elizabeth E. Young, to Robert D. and Elizabeth A. Rockwell, $150,000.

Sherrill, 408 Park St., Gordon T. and E. Kathryn Harrell, to Ellen Lerner, $145,000.

Sherrill, 304 Hamilton Ave., Kelly J. Sullivan, to Jonathan Godfrey, $150,000.

Sherrill, 224 E. Campbell Ave., Paul M. Linneman, to Beth C. Duchene, $82,900.

Sherrill, 230 E. Campbell Ave., Eric D. and Patricia M. English, to David L. Keenan, $70,000.

Sherrill, 146 Elmwood Place, Arthur J. Ranney, to Ronnie L. Richmond II, $110,000.

Sherrill, 622 W. Hamilton Ave., Jason C. and Hilary A. Passante, to J. Esther Steinbert and Daniel B. Kurtz, $295,000.

Sherrill, 146 E. Seneca St., Sherrill Manufacturing, Inc., to Beaver Meadows, LLC, $44,000.

Sherrill, 204 W. Hamilton Ave., Stephen G. Peek II and William A. Peek, to Jason C. and Hilary A. Passante, $155,000.

Sherrill, 128 Allen St., Thelma M. Spraker, to Diane M. Philo, $85,900.

Steuben, 9035 Route 274, Lynn F. and Cynthia A. Wilcox, to James D. and Marsha A. Lewis, $154,000.

Steuben, 9077 Cemetery Road, Willard J. and Jennifer A. Weaver Jr., to George I. and Lisa A. Smith III, $102,900.

Steuben, Route 12, Peter J. and Annette J. Mondi Jr., to Ejl Jankovic, $375,000.

Sylvan Beach, Fifth Avenue (vacant land), Angela LaBella and Estate of Moses LaBella, to Kirkland Darling and Stephen and Angela Faidley, $50,000.

Sylvan Beach, 516 Main St., Angela LaBella and Estate of Moses A. LaBella, to Joseph E. Riess, $140,000.

Sylvan Beach, 222 Ninth Ave., Estate of Eleanor G. Rauscher, to Alfred F. Shortell Jr., $28,000.

Taberg, 897 Ranney Road, Tammac Holdings Corporation, to Michael J. Szczesniak, $78,000.

Trenton, 120-122 Mappa Ave., Edward G. Kaminski, referee, to Daniel and Linda Hart, $25,000.

Trenton, 920 Trenton Falls Road, Ann I. Brelsford, to Corby J. Fragetta and Amber Lenart, $121,000.

Trenton, Route 28 (vacant land), Beverly M. Perry Trust, Mark Perry as successor/trustee, to Gary A. Harvey, $95,000.

Trenton, 8003 Smith Road, Carl Stump, to Carson G. Jones and Tessa L. Hopsicker, $150,000.

Trenton, 8425 Posey Hill Road, Joseph and Therese Wegrzyn, to Brian and Maria Palmer, $172,000.

Trenton, 7436 Cheese Factory Road, Fred and Jane Martin, to John and Tanya Hart, $239,000.

Trenton, Fish Hatchery Road (agricultural), Michael W. and Carol L. Garrett, to DTT Realty, LLC, $150,000.

Trenton, 9626 Whittaker Road, Theodore Carl Kubinski, to F. Thomas Gehrig, $175,000.

Vernon, 3812 Prospect St., Denise Perry, to Jeremy T. Waite, $99,110.

Vernon, 4389 Route 26, Andrew J. and Melanie J. Catello, to Tyler Duell, $77,900.

Vernon, 208 Wentworth Drive, Wentworth Construction, LLC, to Bonnie Carver, $32,000.

Vernon, 23 Front St., Thomas F. and Sally D. Malecki, to Mitchell A. Frair, $506,000.

Vernon, 3848 Hogan Road, Carl Cangialosi Jr., to Christine A. Wheeler, $112,500.

Vernon, 4285 Sholtz Road, Francesco and Kara Milana, to Laurie Wilkinson, $169,900.

Vernon, 206 Wentworth Drive, Wentworth Construction, LLC, to Phillip and Sheila Marmelstein, $189,900.

Vernon, 5451 Ottman Road, Raymond Thomas Suarez, to George K. Miller, $75,000.

Vernon, 5952 Central Corners Road, Stephen J. and Tracy W. Kulyk, to Michael R. Thayer and Keri Prosser, $210,000.

Vernon, 13 Van Epps St., Steven Manner, to David and Clair Lampman, $97,000.

Vernon, 202 Wentworth Drive, Wentworth Construction, LLC, to Marty and Susan Winchell, $32,000.

Vernon, 4762 State St., Donna J. DeWolfe, to Jerry D. and Candy Crayton, $125,000.

Vernon, Beaver Meadow Road (vacant land), Kenneth F. and Sandra Murphy, to Loren O. and Shirley J. Rogers, $10,000.

Vernon, 4613 Verona St., Branjen Realty Holdings, LLC, to Jim and Amanda Darling, $55,000.

Vernon, 4613 Verona St., Benjamin Franklin, to Branjen Realty Holdings, LLC, $47,500.

Verona, 3756 Mason Road, Charles S. and Nellie H. Mason, to Jonathan Charles Mason, $70,000.

Verona, 4870 Rome-New London Road, Marie C. Amodio, to Shane C. Smith, $104,900.

Verona, Stoney Brook Road (agricultural), Dennis Montalbano, to Peter and Dollie Kaido, $85,000.

Verona, 5791 Route 31, Margaret Jaeger, to Gary Brian Snow, $74,000.

Verona, 6383 S. Lakeshore Road, Anne Dobs as trustee, to Todd and Sherry Widrick, $180,000.

Verona, 7189 Route 31, Douglas L. and Lynn S. Keller, to Dustin Stout, $183,000.

Verona, 5862 Ennis Road, Susan Taylor, to Elizabeth A. Kaier and Edward S. Sroka, $30,000.

Verona, 6986 Lock Road, Thomas F. and June B. McCarthy, to Brendan J. Schuler, $83,740.

Verona, 5394 Sand Hill Road, Wentworth Construction, LLC, to Paul and Beverly Chandler, $143,500.

Verona, 5204 Old Oneida Road, Paul and Beverly J. Chandler, to Jeffrey M. Poppleton and Sheila A. Smith, $149,900.

Verona, 6889 Greenway Road, Branjen Realty Holdings, LLC, to Carl S. Kinter, $100,000.

Verona, 5848 Country Drive, Abir M. Rahman and Mohammed S. Islam, fka Mohammed A. Rahman, to Jason M. Carrier, $165,900.

Verona, 5825 Route 46, Gary E. and Cynthia S. Lohr Jr., to Thomas Gordon, $135,000.

Verona, 6771 Miller St., Donna Budzynski, executor of the Estate of Julia Ebner, Nancy S’Doia and Barbara Ebner-Pankow, to Jill Spellman, $60,000.

Verona, Rock Road (vacant land) Christopher M. and Cheryl A. Collins, to Edward A. Dombrowski, $15,000.

Verona, 4919 Randel Road, Elizabeth A. Kaier, to Barry and Connie Blair, $52,000.

Verona, 7044 Lock Road, Thomas C. and Katherine A. Slocum, to Gary F. and Theresa L. Paddock, $94,000.

Verona, 4181 Stoney Brook Road, Robert A. and Edith B. Arno, to Stephen T. Kelly and Jill S. Lohman, $269,500.

Verona, Doxtator Road (vacant land), Gerald F. Rider, Barbara Vaughn, David Vaughn, Patricia Donahue and Mary Vaughn, to Allan S. Lohr, $3,000.

Vienna, 700 Myrtle Ave., Merrie Pinti by Attorney Mark Wolber, to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., $64,372.

Vienna, 3207 Haskins Road, Mary K. McCall, to Jason J. and Kelly L. Lasher, $315,000.

Vienna, 309 Drive 7, Scott and Karen Vona-MacDonald, to Robert and Lynne Anderson, $135,000.

Vienna, 7625 Hall Road, Justin and Melissa Morgan, to Joanne M. St. Gelais, $121,000.

Vienna, 862 Route 49, Arnold N. and Sharon R. Schweer, to John P. and Lisa Anne Root, $15,700.

Vienna, 7964 Route 13, Salvatore DiGennaro, to Lindsey R. Jones, $99,000.

Vienna, 2029 Mulholland Road, Monica L. DeCarlo, to Christopher M. Helt, $17,500.

Vienna, 7326 Lake Shore Drive, Martha K. Skovenski, to Kim M. Proper, $75,000.

Vienna, Moore Road (vacant land), Fred F. Moore III, to Nye Holdings, LLC, $185,000.

Vienna, 207 Route 49, Susan James, to Donald A. Berndt, $75,000.

Vienna, Tynan Road Lot 6 and 7, Christmas & Associates, Inc., to Stephen A. McCormack, $56,500.

Vienna, Moore Road (vacant land), Kevin W. Moore, to Nye Holdings, LLC, $235,000.

Vienna, Tynan Road, Lot 8, Christmas & Associates, Inc., to Richard C. Sprague Sr., $25,995.

Vienna, 316 Drive 2, Richard M. Boysen, to Timothy A. and Leslie Schultze, $152,500.

Vienna, 8406 Maple Flats, Paul J. and Joseph W. and Robert W. Eggerling to Randall and Catherine Davis, $12,000.

Vienna, 2102 Route 49, Floyd a. Whitney Jr. and Joal D. Vanderworken, to Trampess L. Bourgeois, $107,500.

Vienna, 2122 Route 49, Kenneth J. Ondrey, Christopher M. Perkins and Laura M. Brahmer, to Kelly M. Walker, $87,000.

Vienna, Murray Brook Road Lot 7, Christmas & Associates, Inc., to Armand H. Lamour Jr., $40,000.

Vienna, 2600 Suits Ave., Charles T. and Sandra M. Mattner, to Steven A. and Colleen D. Pardi, $185,000.

Vienna, 8474 Elpis Road, Estate of Richard Dixon, to Carl Perham, $25,750.

Vienna, 1465 Route 49, Anthony J. and Peggy S. Reed-Liepke, to William Andrew and Roberta Jane Wolff, $139,000.

Vienna, 1867 California Road, Robert E. Bienvenue, to Deanna Kendrat, $63,500.

Vienna, 8199 Kimball Road, Robert F. McDermott, to Joseph A. and Karen M. Latulipe, $30,000.

Vienna, 7140 Cove Road, Kathy D. Moorhead, Carol D. Jubenville, Terri L. Davis-Wood and Richard A. Davis, to Vicky B. Alexandra, $152,000.

Vienna, Dixon Road, Lot 1, Christmas & Associates, Inc., to Richard and Georgia Farganis, $15,500.

Western, 7658 Gifford Hill Road, Bradley J., Roxanne and Randall S. Knutti, to Mark P. and LuAnn M. Vaccaro, $135,000.

Western, Route 46 and Floyd Camroden Road, Olney Associates, Inc., to Woods Family Holdings, LLC., $825,000.

Western, 7157 Stokes-Westernville Road, Donald J. McCaffrey, to Justin Morat, $40,000.

Western, 9 Crestwood Drive, Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, to Lease 2 CNY, LLC, $88,500.

Westernville, 9885 Mill St., Stanley E. Gleason, to Karen M. Clark, $38,000.

Westmoreland, 4932 Stop 7 Road, Mark and Lisa L. Reynolds, to Sara J. Collver, $127,500.

Westmoreland, 5129 Route 233, Estate of Ronald J. Jardieu by Derek J. Jardieu as administrator, to Timothy and Susan Lynch, $50,000.

Westmoreland, 5852 Route 26, Scott and Ranae Waterman, to Patrick M. and Pamela A. Tomaino, $202,000.

Westmoreland, Lowell Road (vacant land), Michael and Kathleen Babicz, to Scott P. and MaryAnn C. Bechtal, $18,000.

Westmoreland, 7599 Acee Road, Joseph S. Bird as executor for the Estate of Linda D. Bird, to Michelle L. Ptak-Russell, $84,500.

Westmoreland, 5881 Bartlett Road, Richard S. and Jessica Neidl, to Kristin R. Lints, $135,000.

Westmoreland, 20 Birch Drive S., Stephen Arbes, to Mark S. and Eileen M. Snogles, $99,000.

Westmoreland, 7078 Dix Road, Branjen Realty Holdings, LLC, to Kelly Ross, $149,500.

Westmoreland, 6505 Lowell Road, Michelle Suppa, to Frank Facciolo III, $116,000.

Westmoreland, 6091 Eureka Road, Edward B. and Linda V. Croghan, to David H. Winston, $112,500.

Westmoreland, 5904 Bartlett Road, Spencer O. and Stella T. Williams, to Richard E. and Colleen M. Greene, $145,000.

Westmoreland, 5989 Eureka Road, Julia C. Ernenwein, to Michael J. and Tanya M. Ernenwein, $121,000.

Westmoreland, 6950 O’Brien Road, Constance A. Brucker, to Rachel Wilson and Paul Florczyk, $145,000.

Westmoreland, 7537 Route 5, Estate of Robert W. Quinn, to Zlatko Dizdarevic, $45,000.

Westmoreland, 6000 Eureka Road, Buck Construction, LLC, to John P. Ewanicki, $221,900.

Whitestown, Nancy E. Fay Irrevocable Trust and Nancy E. Fay individually, to Michael R. Tarasiewicz, $125,000.

Whitestown, 5-7 Fairdale Place, Nedzad and Edina Hodzic, to James J. and Donna M. Aiello Jr., $139,000.

Whitestown, 6 Eberley Ave., Kevin J. and Joann R. Freeland, to Ann Marie Sullivan, $102,500.

Whitestown, 3 Manor Court E., Justin and Michelle Stevens, to William A. Brown, $157,500.

Whitestown, 7 Olena Drive, Ann Marie Sullivan, to Tammy R. Bowen, $142,000.

Whitestown, 8 Cambridge Road, Jean W. Jones, to Jamie C. and Jamie L. LaChacz, $165,000.

Whitestown, 2 Slaytonbush Road, Kristen Kratzert, to Chester W. and Beverly A. Jaskolka, $177,000.

Whitestown, 8 Cedarbrook Crescent, Janina Skora and Romona Eva Davis fka Skora, to Justin T. and Kathleen A. Derella, $150,500.

Whitestown, 5545 Walter Road, Bernard G. and Sharon Leis, to Paul J. Phillips, $222,500.

Whitestown, 35 Capardo Drive, David J. and Michelle K. Collis, to David and Kim Camerota, $290,000.

Whitestown, 44 Crestview Drive, Janice Thornton, to Suzanne M. Poma, $145,000.

Whitestown, 43 Herthum Road, Kevin J. Manion, to Kevin J. and Joann R. Freeland, $88,000.

Whitestown, 42 Indian Mound Drive, Tod M. Lascurettes as executor of the Estate of Raymond N. Collins, to Jeffrey S. and Dawn E. French, $110,000.

Whitestown, 114 Clinton St., Brian J. and Renee M. Connelly, to Katherine Piotrowski, $120,000.

Whitestown, 30-32 White St., Roxann Heintz, Melanie Alexander, Nadine Steg and Paula Harrison, to Gregory M. Morra II, $79,000.

Whitestown, 7907 Route 69, Erin S. Wagner, to Henry W. Haas Jr., $37,000.

Whitestown, 18 Wagner Ave., Richard J. and Colleen M. Beyer Jr., to Philip E. Gilbert, $154,900.

Whitestown, 112 Campbell Ave., Gary and Debra C. Roberts and Scott A. Adsit, to Anthony Joaquin, $95,400.

Whitestown, 117 Clarion Drive, Keith L. and Deborah J. Kelly, both as trustee, to Brien F. and Jennifer A. Young, $201,000.

Whitestown, 6 Redwood Ave., Ann Marie Jakubowski, to Lauren N. Juidiciani, $125,000.

Whitestown, 3 Oakdale Circle, Sandra A. Amico, to Kyle and Andrea Graves, $84,270.

Whitestown, 112 Ben Bar Circle, Gregory A. Klumbach and Susan J. Johnson, to Jay V. and Michelle Sorrentino, $240,000.

Whitestown, 116 Cider St., Jilda Tomasi, to Frank Meola, $34,000.

Whitestown, 35 Ashwood Ave., William P. Bulman, to Oleksandr and Irina Nieshte, $60,000.

Whitestown, 19 Pleasant View Place, Donald I. Davies, to Erik Agnew and Ashley Walker, $70,000.

Whitestown, 1 Buttonball Road, Roger Potenski and Janet E. Parry, to Russell Potenski, $84,000.