Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Rome deeds

1405 Bedford St., the estate of Norman A. Fedder to Andrea L. DelPiano, $98,500 ($64,900).

810 Bradford Drive, Joseph A. Mellace, Esq., as referee, to KNU-TAY, $36,150 ($42,900).

7264 Coleman Mills Road, Richard D. Nelson and James G. Nelson to Richard D. Nelson and Glenn E. and Fannie M. Rudd, $35,000 ($51,500).

218 Crossgates Road, Amelio DeGrazio to Richard L. Canfield, $62,000 ($53,300).

912 Culverton Road, Michelle Broadbent Esq., as referee, to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $82,576 ($55,250).

Dart Circle, Griffiss Local Development Corporation to Griffiss Real Estate Group, LLC, $125,400.

503-505 E. Dominick St., Paul Deep, Esq., as referee, to Wachovia Mortgage Corporation, $55,503 ($40,600).

515 E. Garden St., Paul A. Calicchia and Laine T. Tarbania to Laine T. Tarbania, $1 ($60,000).

822-824 Floyd Ave., Michael M. Fialkowski to Ferencz R. Jr. and Rebecca L. Sarus, $83,210 ($59,000).

910 Floyd Ave., the estate of Nicholas Aquino Jr. to Lynn M. Aquino, $1 ($150,000).

917 Floyd Ave., Stephen J. LaGatta, Joann LaGatta Gardner and Renee P. Crowley to Steven M. Curtis, $70,000 ($53,300).

1002 Franklyn St., Jerold F. and Kathleen A. Maurer to Andrew Maurer, $65,000 ($64,700).

1006 Franklyn St., Lisa Kimmel, Margaret Viscomi, Michele Taylor, Michael F. and Mary Jane Benedetto to Matthew D. and Kimberly M. Crye, $95,400 ($61,500).

304 Glen Road North, the estate of Robert Thomas Rohrback to Debra P. Allen, $80,000 ($63,400).

324 Glen Road North, Ida Mae Swaney to Nicholas J. Martin, $92,400 ($61,700).

Humaston Road, Lawrence B. and Phyllis J. Murling, as trustees of the Phyllis J. Murling Revocable Trust, to Lawrence G. Murling and Mary L. Parzych, trustees of the Lawrence B. Murling Irrevocable Trust, $1.

805 Jervis Ave., Peter F. Dain to Paul F. and Romona F. Straney, $97,000 ($66,500).

4 Kossuth St., Navigator Red Fund Manager, LLC to J. Michael Mahoney, $8,000 ($26,800).

318 Kossuth St., City of Rome to Varflex Corporation, $1,000 ($2,000).

324 Kossuth St., City of Rome to Varflex Corporation, $1,000 ($11,700).

812-814 Laurel St., the estate of Thomas F. Zandi to Mark A. Naston and Marc A. Naston, $93,600 ($69,400).

6840 Liberty St., Barbara Calandra to Rodney C. Forbes, $124,000 ($58,300).

8241 Link Road, the estate of Howard Hall to Randall C. Lawrence, $63,816 ($55,900).

210 Lynch St., City of Rome to Joseph A. Dainotto, $700 ($32,100).

405 Lynwood St., Sandra Latimer, executor of the estate of Doris W. Latimer, and Edward Latimer, to Sandra Latimer, $125,000 ($72,200).

6776 Martin St., Trojan Transportation and Delivery service, Inc. to Joseph and Kathleen A. Gualtieri, $85,000 ($100,000).

307 Matthews St., Mary Macri to Joseph P. Macri, $1 ($23,000).

1003 N. George St., Rosemary E. Smith to Timothy T. and Joan M. Campbell Rosbrook, $226,500 ($120,000).

1755 N. George St., Bonnie L. Uvanni, individually and as executrix of the estate of Joseph L. Uvanni, to Pamela C. Grasso, $122,000 ($73,700).

1507 N. Madison St., Pamela C. Grasso to Joseph and Ellen D. Stevens, $136,000 ($56,000).

311 N. Washington St., City of Rome to Mathew Varughese, $1 ($20,000).

616 Parry St., Kyle R. Holbritter to Howard E. Myers, $54,600 ($45,000).

427 Pond St., Richard Cross to Ivory Lewis and Toni St. Thomas, $35,000 ($37,800).

1009 Sherman Ave., Carmella T. Wynne to Ashton Matyi, $95,000 ($56,900).

2013 Tamarack St., Ralph J. and Carol A. Feola to Ralph J. Feola and Carol A. Feola, trustees of the Feola Irrevocable Trust, $1 ($117,800).

8257 Turin Road, Harshad R. and Urmila H. Patel to Vinodbhai R. and Reshma V. Patel, $250,000 ($250,000).

8370 Turin Road, Julia T. and Ronald Kanclerz, Rudolph Kanclerz and Keith C. Kanclerz to Christopher Macri, $65,000 ($64,000).

216 W. Bloomfield St., David G. Robinson to J. Michael Mahoney, $55,225 ($70,500).

503 W. Bloomfield St., and 523 N. Jay St., Katharine R. Rayland to J. Michael Mahoney, $30,000 ($61,600).

701 W. Dominick St., Joann Joseph to M&B Factoring, LLC, $1 ($62,400).

1021 and 1023 W. Dominick St., Jacqueline D. Roush, administrator of the estate of David H. DeRuby, to James D. DeRuby, $50,000 ($59,200).

109 W. Embargo St., PAM Holdings, LLC to Ignatius Vincent Falcone Jr., $55,000 ($64,100).

W. Thomas St., Theodore VonMatt to John Collins, $40,000.

502 Walnut St., Charles Smith (by Oneida County Sheriff), to Lori Anguilli, $1 ($74,000).

1010 Westbrook Drive, Branjen Realty Holdings, LLC to Lisa Kimmel, Michele Taylor, Margaret Viscomi and Michael F. and Mary Jane Bennedetto, $74,000 ($49,800).

414 William St., City of Rome to Hunter Ben and Roman Enterprises, LLC, $500 ($5,000).

6412 Williams Road, Leo H. Anderson to Joseph and Beverly Hickey, $124,900.

Town deeds

Annsville, Creek Road, Ed and Alicia D’Alessandro to Donald E. and Darcy L. Rouse, $18,000.

Annsville, Lot 13 Gossner Road, Jayne Beech to Gregory Glazar, $10,000.

Annsville, 4358 Slater Road, Mark Daniels and Kristen S. Kolb to Jenny M. Baker, $72,800.

Annsville, Sullivan Road, Jack S. Beckwith and Roger Beginski to Michel and Melissa Fortier, $32,500.

Augusta, 127 Madison St., David P. and Eleanor L. Petrie to Raymond K. and Katherine E. Bootie, $84,800.

Augusta, 2593 North Road, Nathan Slawson and Rebecca Bowman to Kenneth Miller, $89,040.

Ava, 11345 Route 26, Ernest Deveans to Oendia County Board of Legislators, $2,450.

Ava, 11345 Route 26, Oneida County Board of Legislators to Stephen P. Joyce, $2,250.

Barneveld, Steuben Valley Road, Patrick G. Ferguson to the Town of Trenton, $23,500.

Boonville, Dorn Road, 2096 Dennis LLC to Kelly Tassio, $44,000.

Boonville, Furman Road, Philip A. and Barbara S. Boardman to Robert H. and Blanche E. Coscomb, $6,000.

Boonville, 108 Pine Lane, Robert and Mary Wetmore to Brian Perry, $60,000.

Boonville, 13812 Route 12, Frances Lahah to Kenneth D. and Valorie L. Newvine, $40,449.

Boonville, 12625 Route 46, Irene G. DeVoe to David T. and Susan B. Alger, $150,000.

Boonville, Lot 13 Woodgate Subdivision, Patricia Horton to Linda C. Plunkett, $1,400.

Bridgewater, 970 Hardscrabble Road, Douglas E. and Erika A. Satterlee to Lucas Dackowsky, $115,000.

Bridgewater, 593 Route 8, Joseph J. Picola to William J. and Catherine Evans, $80,000.

Camden, 44 Fayette St., C. Anne Schieferstine, Margaret J. Schieferstine, Martin F. Schieferstine, Mary Patell and Marie Jones to Diane M. Lundrigan, $72,000.

Camden, 41 Preston St., Frederick J. Jr. and Karen Morrow to Kim M. and Robert M. Baker, $5,000.

Camden, 43 River Road, Jodi L. Cox to Stacey L. Garcia, $137,500.

Camden, 2779 Route 69, Diane L. Ammann to Scott A. Austin, $83,500.

Camden, 11 Sixth St., Jody J. Harrington to James R. Baker, $74,000.

Camden, 12 Sixth St. and 7 Fifth St., Thomas H. III and Carrie K. Webb to Jeffery S. Harrington, $90,000.

Camden, Steam Mill Road, the estate of Margaret Alice Matthews to Fred C. Grinnell, $7,200.

Camden, 9976 Wolcott Hill Road, Diane M. Lundrigan to Diane L. Ammann, $90,000.

Clayville, 2230 Oneida St., Samantha Jweid to Ryan Quinn, $21,000.

Cleveland, 7683 Hallenbeck Road, Donald A. Riggs to James A. Stelmach and Frieda N. Heckman, $118,500.

Durhamville, 5362 Foster St., the estate of Gordon Piersall to Brian J. Butler and Almondie M. Shampine, $128,900.

Florence, Lot 6 Westdale Road, K.J.R. Contracting Company, Inc. to Joseph and Ilandra Nicole Keegan, $187,838.

Floyd, Davis Road, Virginia Berthold to George Retschle, $22,000.

Floyd, 7263 Rickmeyer Road, Branjen Realty Holdings, LLC to Lanaux, Sabrina M. and Marc E., $98,800.

Floyd, 7213 River Road, Dale R. Gladwin Supplemental Needs Trust to Guy Pirillo and Kenneth E. Swisher, $28,000.

Floyd, 6985 Stearns Road, Oneida County Board of Legislators to Edwin Leach, $2,250.

Floyd, Thompson Road, Mark Perry, as trustee of the Beverly M. Perry Trust, to John H. and Katherine M. Millick, $43,000.

Forestport, 11596 North Lake Road, George B. and Valerie G. James to George S. James, $112,500.

Forestport, Route 28, Patricia A. Decker to Richard Santosky, $30,000.

Forestport, 12086 Route 28, Gary D. Scherzer to Daniel W. and Joyce A. Abold, $245,000.

Forestport, 13004 Route 28, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to JBL ADK Properties, LLC, $109,200.

Forestport, 1326 South Road, Thomas Harden to John and Lisa Carswell and Matthew and Kimberly Carswell, $87,000.

Holland Patent, 9524 Center St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Joshua and Wendy L. Entwistle, $25,000.

Lee, 6417 Karlen Road, the estate of Nancy W. Hinman to David N. and Janice S. Hinman, $425,000.

Lee, 167 Northwood Circle, Mark T. and Laurie A. Maginn to Quing Wu and Qinru Qin, $210,000.

Lee, 6259 Sleepy Hollow Road, Louis E. DeBroize to Mark and Shelley Malagese, $159,000.

Lee, 9068 Thomas Road, Alfred M. and Charlotte Griessen to Mark and Rita Shue, $83,000.

Lee, 9321 Turin Road, James W. Gillen Jr. to Tonya L. Calkins, $152,900.

Lee Center, 5486 Main St., Mark Roberts to Citi Property Holdings, Inc., $82,804.

Marshall, Brothertown Road, Stanley J. Rybasz to David P. and Jessica W. Poyer, $4,000.

Marshall, 2411 Daytonville Road, Robin R. Broedel to Leah Mosher, $84,000.

Oneida, 4757 State St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jesse Beecher, $25,000.

Oriskany, 202 Yoxall Lane, Henry W. and Linda A. Weiss to Steven R. Batson, $135,000.

Steuben, 8482 Lewis Road, Neil W. Garrett to Thomas M. and Vivian B. Stack, $50,000.

Sylvan Beach, 1001 Park Ave., estate of Charles F. Emler to SBW, LLC, $260,000.

Sylvan Beach, 1401 Vienna Road, Robert F. Mazzei to Russell Mullennix, $47,500.

Remsen, 9575 Main St., Stella D. Paladino to Jenny J. Broadbent, $79,800.

Taberg, 3758 Willson Road W., Keith A. and Shannon M. Corcoran to Scott R. Leuenberger and Briana L. Broski, $120,000.

Trenton, 9939 Coombs Road, the estate of Walter L. Wroczynski to Stella D. Paladino, $164,500.

Trenton, 7915 Elm St., Heidi S. Weissmuller to Diane R. Hague, $120,000.

Trenton, 10270 Korber Road, Elizabeth W. Gilbert to Robert M. Saxton Jr., $109,000.

Vernon, 4938 Indiantown Road, Christopher and Stephanie Doyle to Weichert Relocation Resources, Inc., $155,000.

Vernon, 4938 Indiantown Road, Weichert Relocation Resources, Inc. to Thomas J. Cole, $155,000.

Vernon, 5661 Route 5, Stephen M. and Theresa D. Russell to Moteloc, LLC, $100,000.

Vernon, 3927 Route 26, Pauline Forsythe to James L. and Karen G. Brown, $140,000.

Vernon, Route 46, Walter E. and Connie P. Fort to Edward Sroka and Elizabeth Kaier, $4,000.

Verona, 5002 Hill Road, Ashton E. Matyi to Melissa C. Stearns, $151,500.

Verona, 5702 Merry St., Randy A. and Robin Carey to Tenley K. Udovich-Hayes, $100,000.

Verona, 5764 Merry St., Trudy A. Sreca, John G. Ernenwein, Joan Engler, Janet M. Scott, Linda Reed, Mary Uvanni, Michelle Ernenwein, Michael Ernenwein, John B. Ernenwein to Kenneth J. and Mary C. Gamel, $75,000.

Verona, 5976 Mills Road, Randolph E. Beasock to Brad Maine, $117,530.

Verona, 6734 Route 13, Board of Education of the Oneida City School District to SVB Realty Development, Inc., $350,000.

Verona, 4327 Wood Creek Road, CNB Realty Trust to Charles T. and Ann K. Bui, $325,000.

Vienna, 212 2nd Ave., Pamela F. Gullerat to Veronica Diver, $55,000.

Vienna, 101 13th Ave., Joan B. Bolton to Dean Zumpano, $25,000.

Vienna, 105 26th Ave., Lauri A. Dinces to John D. Inserra, $96,000.

Vienna, 308 Drive 30, William E. Jr. and Danielle R. Brain to Thomas M. and Jacqueline L. Bonomo, $133,000.

Vienna, 2937 Main St., Tessie F. Szmurlo to John W. Jr. and Barbara J. Cieslewitz, $37,000.

Vienna, 8744 Maple Flats Road, Frank and Anna Klein to Bonnie Pirro, James A. Pirro and Elsie J. Pirro, $375,000.

Vienna, Old Moss Road, James E. and Mary C. Koch to Wayne R. and Laura J. Vieu, $27,000.

Vienna, 909 Park Ave., Tanya M. Pifer, Carol Diane Ames and Dee Y. Moore to Robert H. and Brenda Leigh Johnson, $159,000.

Vienna, 1509 Park Ave., Sylvia A. Schepisi, as executrix of the estate of Robert E. Sweet, Sr., to Rober H. Jr. and Brenda Johnson, $400,000.

Vienna, Route 13, Lawrence A. and Patricia A. Hobbs to Peter J. and Amy Jo Pfeifer, $240,000.

Westmoreland, Cooper St., Erma Noble, executrix of the estate of Clifford W. Noble, Sr., to Karen A. Brown, $6,431.

Westmoreland, 6443 Dix Road, Gary N. Jr. and Catherine Sheppard to Cynthia L. Servatius, $168,800.

Westmoreland, 7309 E. Main St., John F. and Melinda Madore to James Benson, $4,592.

Westmoreland, Fairway Drive, Raymond E. Hunt to Anson E. and Dawn H. Proseus, $10,000.

Westmoreland, Lowell Road, Paul G. Marshall to Bernard E. and Phyllis A. Nogas, $7,500.

Westmoreland, 6949 Norton Ave., John R. Dougherty, Jr. to Tracy A. Hemming and Jill S. Roberts, $80,000.

Westmoreland, 5214 Route 233, Edward L. Cooper Jr., as trustee of the Edward L. Cooper Sr. Irrevocable Trust, to Jacqueline K. Ferris, $58,300.

Westmoreland, 5250 Tudman Road, D&J Realty Development, LLC to Joseph F. Griffith Jr., $95,000.

Whitesboro, 10 Dennison Ave., Christine S. Duda to Steven J. Dzimitrowicz, $97,520.

Whitesboro, 7 Edgewood Drive, Edward J. and Dolores Quinn to Dorothy E. Hanrahan, $90,000.

Whitesboro, 10 Edgemont Circle, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jason D. Schultz and Sania J. Allen, $35,000.

Whitesboro, 50 Lyndon Court, Michael and Mary Lou Walsh to Carol A. Lareau, $168,000.

Whitesboro, 133 Westmoreland St., Andrew Clark to Cathy A. Noble, $66,000.

Whitestown, 102 Ben Bar Circle, Lewis Custom Homes, Inc. to Julie Toha and David A. Saunders, $229,400.

Whitestown, 12 Calais Drive, Donald W. and Marian S. Farley to Alen Mukic, $201,000.

Whitestown, 3 Cedarbrook Crescent, the estate of Harold C. Gabel to Clifford J. and Judith A. Donovan, $72,000.

Whitestown, 8201 Clark Mills Road, David Wankel to Vanessa L. Buono, $79,500.

Whitestown, 21 Crestview Drive, Jared P. and Julianne G. Webber to Sheri A. Hartness, $151,400.

Whitestown, 116 Cross St., the estate of Jessie S. Slivinski to Jacquelyn Lynch, $75,000.

Whitestown, Oriskany Blvd., Oneida County Board of Legislators to Patrick Zenobio, $300.

Woodgate, 7051 Walnut Road, Joseph Carro Jr. to Howard A. and Denise M. Myers, $63,000.

Yorkville, 21 Whitesboro St., Oneida County Board of Legislators to Vadim Kokogods (V.K. Real Estate, Inc.), $5,500.