‘Quad-C’ digging starts

MARCY — The region’s move into nanotechnology took a quantum leap forward Wednesday with a groundbreaking ceremony for two technology-related buildings at SUNYIT.

Rising on the campus will be the Computer Chip Commercialization Center, called "Quad-C" for short, and Center for Advanced Technology.

The computer chip facility will promote research in partnership with private nanotechnology companies to drive advanced technology development and business opportunities related to system-on-a-chip technologies. This technology is the packaging of necessary electronic circuits and parts for a "system" like a cell phone or digital camera on a microchip.

The $127.5 million complex will rise on space that is currently a parking lot.

Nfrastructure, based in the Albany area, has already committed to locating in the center, pledging to bring in 75 full-time and 125 part-time positions. The company will occupy temporary space on campus until Quad-C is completed in 2012 or 2013.

Located near Kunsela Hall and the Cayan Library, the Center for Advanced Technology will be the home to SUNYIT’s engineering, computer science and other technology-related educational programs.

The new technology complex will fulfill the college’s academic mission and support economic development in the Mohawk Valley, said SUNYIT President Wolf Yeigh.

"By bringing high-tech companies to campus and co-locating their research and other activities with those of our faculty and students, SUNYIT will nurture the kind of academic-industry partnerships that have been catalysts for jobs creation elsewhere," he said. "This major project, along with new academic programs in engineering, biology, and other areas, will grow SUNYIT as SUNYIT helps to grow the regional economy."

Actual construction of both buildings will begin in the months ahead as three other building projects on the SUNYIT campus are completed. A student center and field house will be completed and in use next year. Oriskany Residence Hall will be home to incoming freshmen in the fall 2011 semester.

The four-year school has a current enrollment of 2,587.