By DAVE GYMBURCH Staff writer

MARCY — A public hearing will be held Oct. 28 on a proposed 2011 town budget with an approximately 1 percent drop in local property taxes, the 18th decline in the past 19 years.

The Town Board is expected to vote later that night on the spending plan following the hearing scheduled for 6:50 p.m. at the Marcy Town Hall, said Supervisor Brian N. Scala.

Town taxes would drop to $2.70 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, down 2 cents per $1,000 from 2010, said Scala, who submitted his budget proposal to the town clerk last week. The $4,468,895 budget calls for a spending decrease of $194,695, or 4.2 percent, compared to 2010, he added.

The town’s last local tax increase was in 1991, said Scala, noting that taxes "stayed even" for one year and otherwise have declined each year since then.

Within the 2011 plan, Scala said he still was able to propose 2 percent pay increases for the town’s approximately 30 employees and elected positions.

The lower overall spending targeted for 2011 is helped by cost controls in various segments such as the highway and sewer departments, said Scala. For example, expenses were trimmed slightly for snow removal materials and road repairs, he said, while some 2010 equipment purchases such as trucks were not in the new budget. In addition, the town has some "debt coming to an end...a little debt relief" in the sewer category, he remarked.

"If you can cut costs...provide tax relief" in the budget, it can be like providing a "dividend" to town taxpayers, Scala commented.

Besides the highway and sewer segments, town property taxes also cover water service and sanitation including weekly trash pickup, Scala said. The sanitation comprises $1.17 of the $2.70 per $1,000 tax rate, he observed.

Property taxes total slightly over $1.4 million, and would decline by $5,000 under the proposed budget, Scala said.

Among other town revenue sources are state aid, sales tax distributions from the county, franchise fees, mortgage taxes and justice court fees.

Regarding the 2011 budget outlook, Scala commented, "I’m excited....Another decrease" in taxes. He has been supervisor for 19 years, adding that he is "proud of" the ongoing tax declines during his tenure.

Marcy’s population is about 9,000, not including state prisons in the town which would bring the total to the 11,000.