Power outage warning for Boonville area

BOONVILLE — Customers of the Municipal Commission of Boonville located in the West Leyden, Ava, West Branch and Stokes areas will experience a power interruption on Friday beginning at 10 p.m. and continuing on in to the early morning Saturday. The duration of the outage will vary from two to six hours depending on the customer’s location. This is the final step in a Voltage Conversion Plan implemented to increase the system distribution voltage from 8,320 to 13,200 in these areas.

The rain date would be Saturday.

The West Leyden area to be affected will include Route 294 east toward Boonville, Osceola Road, Ammon Road, Fish Creek Road, Mud Lake Road. The area from Route 26 to Stokes includes Deminiak Road, West Ava/Point Rock Road, Vary Road, Tuffy Road. The West Branch area includes River Road, Converse Road, Beartown/Bankert Road, Sly Hill/Clarke Road and Streun Road.