Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Rome deeds

Bartlett Road, Daniel A. and Laurie M. Grossman to Michael and Linda Emig, $25,000 ($1,500).

920 Batavia Ave., Scott M. and Kristi L. Stiner to Mason W. Seaton, $58,000 ($46,400).

2014 Bedford St., Stella J. Wilkes to John J. Haberer, $85,294 ($50,000).

418 Black River Blvd., Genaro Aquino to Thomas and Diane Kozlowski, $35,001 ($39,400).

1305 Cedarbrook Drive, Dawn M. Baris to Humble Lane Estates, Inc., $10,000 ($48,000).

1611 Craig St., North James Street Holdings, LLC to Kristi Kotary, $1 ($63,400).

121 E. Pine St., Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Knudsen-Taylor Enterprises, $78,500 ($70,000).

104 E. Sycamore St., Joseph A. Pasqualetti Jr. and Nick T. Coluccio Jr. to Eleanor A. Marsh, $120,000 ($58,400).

908 Elm St., Branjen Realty Holdings LLC to Robert T. and Rachel A. Atwood, $85,000 ($63,500).

6564 Evans Road, Joe McCain to Branjen Realty Holdings, LLC, $48,001 ($66,000).

202 Expense St., Juan and Jeanette Hernandez to Jeanette Hernandez, $1 ($57,800).

804 and 806 Floyd Ave., Faisal Sultan to Afzal Bashir, $77,000 ($210,400).

8346 Forest Lane, the Carl Urtz and Leo Urtz, trustees of the Bertha Blackburn Revocable Living Trust, to Carl Urtz and Leo Urtz, $1 ($92,200).

1009 Franklyn St., Mark P. and Gabrielle O. Liddy to Michael A. Ritchie and Sonya M. Rolland, $99,900 ($57,300).

309 Glen Road North, Joshua R. and Amy M. MacDougall to John F. and Margo W. Reppard, $112,000 ($53,300).

Gore Road, Beaver Creek Estates, LLC to Matthew Malinowski, $25,000.

6101 Humble Lane, Humble Lane Estates, Inc. to Dawn M. Baris, $151,000.

809 Jervis Ave., Eric W. and Lena T. Lewis to Nancy F. Elias, $135,000 ($90,800).

6360 Kolton Drive, Larry and Mary Patricia D’Amore to Anthony and Ashley Vinci, $158,000 ($84,500).

805 Lee St., Meade H. Versace, as referee, to Joseph D. and Elizabeth A. Ott, $51,615 ($44,900).

413 Louisa St., 404 W. Bloomfield St. and 316 W. Park St., Gary H. Siver Sr. to Sanger Management, LLC, $1 ($126,200).

121 N. Crescent Drive, Jeffrey D. Szemeczko to James E. and Mary K. Brady, $55,000 ($35,000).

202 N. George St., Bernard Johnson to Pearl A. Heyward, $35,000 ($45,000).

1764 N. George St., Michael W. Weir to Daniel L. Tauroney, $126,900 ($72,500).

1838 N. James St., Anthony J. Vinci to Jerianna L. Bourgeois, $83,000 ($62,000).

7500 Oriskany Road, Branjen Realty Holdings LLC to Nicole J. Berg and Carrie L. Marcinkowski, $100,700 ($64,500).

4868 Oswego Raod, Bradley S. and Elizabeth S. Park to Donald A. and Virginia J. Niemetz, $145,000 ($88,300).

257 Pleasant Ave., City of Rome to Richard J. Malinowski, $500 ($33,400).

823 Roosevelt Ave., AmeriCU Credit Union to Patrica M. and Christopher M. Roe, $68,000 ($52,300).

8108 Russell Ave., William and Lisa Coleman to Keith C. Redhead, $81,500 ($60,500).

6819 S. James St., the Estate of Jessie V. Cania to the James R. Scuderi and Patti Ann Scuderi Revocable Living Trust, $1 ($68,000).

6863 S. James St., Michael C. Scuderi to Taylor Construction and General Contracting, LLC, $32,000 ($72,500).

7283 Seifert Road, Nancy F. Fliss to Sherry L. Perry, $125,000 ($74,800).

121 Second St., Amy L. Rightmier to Courtney Baxley, $60,520 ($39,300).

223 Turin St., Salvatore F. and Susan J. Comito to Peter J. Damiano, $25,450 ($38,000).

729 W. Dominick St., Paul Deptola to Jan Malek and Jeremy Zelkowitz, $47,500 ($30,500).

820-822 W. Dominick St., Tamara Pirts to Andrey Tur, $53,000 ($51,000).

1010 Westbrook Drive, James P. Godemann, as referee, to The Rome Savings Bank, $61,200 ($49,800).

8570 Westernville Road, James D. and Marilyn Hailbronner to Mark P. and Gabrielle O. Liddy, $183,500 ($110,700).

6442 Williams Road, Atef S. Zeina to David A. and Ugenis Vanasdale, $52,500 ($54,200).

Town deeds

Annsville, Route 69, Kenneth B. Platt III to Sandra Squadrito, $18,000.

Annsville, 4713 Sheehan Road, William R. and Diane Martin to Mark A. Trnchik, Jr., $300,000.

Ava, 7905 E. Ava Road, Sheila Mokrzycki, for the estate of Francis J. Mokrzycki, to Douglas E. Hutchins, $25,000.

Boonville, Black Bear Bend, Black Moose Land Co., LLC to Theodore J. and Mary E. Shatara, $29,000.

Boonville, 9748 Egypt Road, Ken W. Meier to francis A. J. Seigers, $140,000.

Boonville, 9790 Furman Road, Raymond R. and Barbara A. Smith to Daniel W. Gitelman, $45,000.

Boonville, 158 Main St., Victory Markets LLC to LKR Enterprises, Inc., $515,000.

Boonville, Lot 10 Pine Lane, Michael Daskiewich to Kathleen O. Tierno, $13,900.

Boonville, 112 Pine Lane, Tabitha L. Sasenbury to Zere Holdings, LLC, $58,000.

Boonville, 8111 W. Leyden Road, LeRoy L. and Vera E. Swartout to Mark Swartout, $130,000.

Camden, 24 Elm St., the estate of Emma A. Mickel to John M. Newman III, $52,500.

Camden, 10981 Empeyville Road, Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company to Adam C. Skinner, $62,900.

Camden, Jones Road, David West, John West and Sue Ann Kayne, f/k/a Sue Ann West, to John D. and Helen J. Plumley, 412,500.

Camden, 56 River Road, Donna Aikens to Angelo L. Depasquale, $86,000.

Camden, 9115 Route 13, Donald A. and Virginia J. Niemetz to Aaron R. and Adrienne A. Mahoney, $219,000.

Camden, 10109 Route 13, Elliott Levy to Janet K. Davis-Stiles, $122,900.

Camden, Wandell Road, Beverly S. Sanford and Strail et. al. to Douglas J. Sweeting, $3,000.

Florence, Lot 12 Chase Road, Christmas and Associates, Inc. to Anthony J. and Thea Gambardella and Jonathan T. and Lorene E. Gavin, $18,100.

Florence, north of Florence Thompson Corners Road, Robert A. Finch to Michael B. and Andrea S. Mitchell, $500.

Florence, Hawkes Road, Richard D. Rapsey to Anthony d. Angotti, Jr., $21,950.

Florence, River Road, Jeffrey M. Simmons to Lori K. Brown, $23,000.

Floyd, 7283 Ritchie Road, Thomas Pianella to Johsua Clemons, $14,000.

Forestport, 8033 Capron Road, Kathleen Klosner and Joyce Brindisi to Howard L. Brainard, $533,000.

Forestport, 10894 N. Lake Road, Albert and Gladys Winters to Elise M. Amicucci, $89,000.

Forestport, 10613 Route 28, Janelle K. Kranbuhl, as administratrix of the estate of Louise C. Edick to Frederick Guy Ritter and Joanne C. Kwasniewski, $97,000.

Lee, 5027 Lee Center-Taberg Road, Robert A. and Diane B. Hoag to Joshua R. and Amy M. MacDougall, $190,000.

Lee, 9162 Route 26, Emma Marsh to Matthew Southwick, $68,000.

Lee, 6215 Sleepy Hollow Road, Arthur G. and Lael K. Putnam to Charlene E. Emeterio, $100,170.

Lee, Lot 19 Tuscan Way, Generations Developers, LLC to Ronald and Frances A. D’Amore, $35,000.

Lee Center, 97 Meyers Road, Kevin and Kathy Hamm to Louis Westcott, $18,500.

New York Mills, 13 Walcott St., LeRoy V. Jr. and Lynn M. Harney to JoAnn Abel, $105,000.

Oneida Castle, 74 E. Sixth St., Limestone Ridge to Dean Stoker and Christy Peano, $168,000.

Oneida Castle, 61 W. Sixth St., Robert C. and Florence J. Harris to James J. Kallet, $124,900.

Oriskany, 6177 Airport Road, Doreen St. Thomas, as referee for Robert and Victoria Hessong, to the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, $171,854.

Remsen, 11068 Jones Road, Cynthia M. Werczynski to Richard Petrie, $70,000.

Sherrill, 321 Betsinger Road, Ibrahim A. and Madga M. Ahmad to Alfred R. Gough and April L. Strait, $280,000.

Sherrill, 310 Kingsley St., Rodman L. and Susan T. Allen to Scott M. Monroe, $152,000.

Sherrill, 442 Park St., Mary Melinda Perry to Carol P. Whitty, $139,000.

Steuben, 9693 Sixty Road, Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to James L. and Linda R. Guernsey, $131,250.

Taberg, 5001 Church St., First Methodist Church of Taberg to Jeremy D. Angell and Stefanie A. Smith, $94,500.

Taberg, 8511 Clock Road, Sandra L. Squadrito to Foster Jr. and Paula Schrefer, $22,000.

Trenton, 9353 Coates Road, Carol E. Gochnour to John S. and Rachel I. Bunker, $93,000.

Trenton, Glass Factory Road, Eleanor H. Williams to David Antanavige, $53,000.

Trenton, 10630 Route 365, Scott C. and Lisabeth V. McCartney to Nicholas Colt and Susan Marie Brumm, $180,000.

Trenton, 8021 Sand Ridge Road, Linda M. Yost to Arthur F. and Jean Stinebrickner, $210,00.

Trenton, 7090 Smith St., Arthur Hughes, Mae Hughes, Sandino Hughes, Donald Hughes to Frederick G. and Richelle K. Murray, $91,500.

Vernon, 4162 Churton Road, William M. Davies to Shawn S. Chartrand, $87,500.

Vernon, Kenwood Ave., Oneida Ltd. to Omega Wire, Inc., $30,000.

Vernon, 5795 Route 5, Earlene M. Russ, Annonia H. Foster, Prudence, Relyea, Betty Lou Church and June Nodecker to Charles Schelah, $50,000.

Verona, 6314 Blackman Corners Road, Mark George Sutter and Diane Zimorino to Rodney Fink and Kenneth D. Fink, $75,000.

Verona, 5752 Merry St., Joy B. Grandfield to Donald G. and Kathleen M. Timmermann, $134,900.

Verona, Route 46 and Hilts Road, Stuart J. Lindsay to Michael Pouliot, $120,000.

Verona, 6560 Sholtz Road, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Branjen Reality Holdings, LLC, $45,025.

Verona, 6942 Stoney Creek Road, Michelle A. Kohl, as executor of the estate of Marion F. Kosh, to Gregory W. and Murial S. Emery, $59,900.

Vienna, Elwood Road, Charles V.R. and Joan A. Dauerty to Jeffrey Oristian and James Maguire, $15,000.

Vienna, 8097 Herder Road, Matthe wA. Davis to David E. Randall and Desiree M. Donlon, $111,194.

Vienna, 2313 Main St., Katherine M. Corelli to Michael J. Voce and Joanne M. DiPietro, $106,000.

Vienna, 8285 Preston Hill Road, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Gary Hawes, $59,000.

Vienna, 7796 Route 13, Thomas and Melissa Stevens to Douglas R. Sleeman Jr., $94,000.

Western, 7715 Gifford Hill Road, Daniel L. Tauroney to Matthew J. and Sarah E. Ortolano, $175,000.

Westmoreland, 7672 E. Carter Road, Robert A. Addington to Joshua Walker, $94,000.

Westmoreland, 7445 E. Main St., Donald Perrault to James R. Skinner, $60,000.

Westmoreland, Moore Road, John J. and Patrica Feketa to Barry G. and Julie A. Soulia, $5,000.

Westmoreland, 5307 Old Oneida Road, the estate of Beverly J. Crawford to Gyula and Julie Kiss, $32,000.

Westmoreland, Route 26, the estate of William D. Ott to Robert W. and Faith A. Link, $6,125.

Westmoreland, 5832 Route 233, Wendy J. Schrider and the estate of Ruth M. Schrider to A. Richard Storey, $5,549.

Westmoreland, 5804 Townline Road, Elaine D. Bernard and James P. Kapsho, as trustees, to Scott Hyman, $89,000.

Whitesboro, 131 Meriton Drive, Dorothy J. Holmes to John A. Esford and Jillian M. Petrie, $83,400.

Whitesboro, 101 Westmoreland St., the estate of Harold J. Pritchard to Nicole Sardina, $114,374.

Whitestown, Airport Road, Rocco L. Versace, as referee, to Ocuto & Associates, Inc., $50,000.

Whitestown, 17 Ashwood Ave., Ronald DeGeorge to Michael A. Bush and Christine A. DeGrazia, $83,000.

Whitestown, 127 Elm St., Michael B. Carney to Michael J. and Stephanie L. Buehler, $137,800.

Whitestown, 109 Hillside Drive, Cecilia Blackmon to Brian M. Revere, $90,000.

Whitestown, 18 Jenrica Place, John and Nada McCay to George A. and Marie D. Kalil, $168,900.

Whitestown, 5561 Judd Road, Harold Klein to Christopher D. Baker, $176,000.

Whitestown, 2117 Maynard Ave., Bobbi F. Bush to Kimberly LaPorte, $69,960.

Whitestown, 8 Orchard Ave., Candace R. Cieloszczyk and Caroline A. Fekieta to Amanda C. Hensel, $125,000.

Whitestown, 7 Victory Parkway, Betty Connors, Brian P. Connors and David P. Freytag to Gerald J. Camesano, $115,000.

Whitestown, W. Highland Ave., Penny Scavone Picornis to Loretta Kapolka, $100.

Whitestown, 4 Wood St., Christian Pogoda to Violette Tahan, $149,000.