Over 400 graduate from BOCES

VERONA — Over 400 students at the Madison-Oneida BOCES Rossetti Education Center will graduate this week.

Students are presented with certificates of completion for finishing a Career and Technical Education program during three ceremonies on the campus, the last of which will take place tonight at 6 p.m.

The Madison-Oneida BOCES offers more than 20 programs serving students from Camden, Canastota, Hamilton, Madison, Morrisville-Eaton, New York State School for the Deaf, Oneida, Rome, Stockbridge-Valley and Vernon-Verona-Sherrill.

19 students were honored with scholarships and special awards:

Gina Gaetano of RFA, Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University scholarship, $5,000

Amy Brazie of Camden, Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University scholarship, $5,000

Cailee McWilliams of VVS, Local Advisory Council Award, $500

Paul Maitland of RFA, Justin Richardson Memorial Award, $250

Brett Wandell of VVS, Woodsman Field Days Scholarships, $250

Zachary Hollibaugh of Camden, Charles Clark Memorial Award, $75

Emily Tallman of Camden, Nola Vrooman LPN Award, $250

Colleen Sears of VVS, Mohawk Valley Counseling Association, $250

Casey Cole of Camden, Camden Chamber of Commerce Award, $100

Jacqueline Tahou of VVS, Thomas Olivo Leadership Award, New York State ACTEA Zone Scholarship, $500

Matt Tamburro of Oneida, Synapse Engineering Solutions Scholarship, $500

Nicole Waldron of VVS, Synapse Engineering Solutions Scholarship, $100

Julie Rathbun of VVS, American Legion Post 1153 Sons and Auxiliary Scholarship, $400

Robert C. Clark, Jr. of Camden, Eric Daniels Memorial Award, $300

Mike Robbins of RFA, Ohio Technical College Scholarships ($2500, $1500)

Caitlin Jones of Camden, Rome Teacher’s Federal Credit Union People Helping People Award, $200

Donna Kotary of RFA, President’s Award for Excellence, $175

Michelle Adamson, President’s Award for Excellence, $175

Joshua Garcia, David Phelps Memorial Award, $100.

Rome Free Academy grads:

Dylan Abel, computer programming; Zachary Andrews, electrical/HVAC; Dustin Apgar, automotive technology; Adreonna Armstrong, culinary arts; John Barnaby, recreational and outdoor power equipment II

Kaitlyn Barringer, LPN; Jessica Beckwith, LPN; Michelle Behlin, certified nursing assistant II; Nicole Blanchard, equine/animal science; Olivia Bodley, graphic design; Alexandrea Bongiorno-Halpin, early childhood education; Noah Bowers, carpentry; Betty Brazie, graphic design; Ashley Broadbent, IT systems/CISCO; Brittany Bruce, culinary arts; Sherry Bush, early childhood education

Samantha Calandra, equine/animal science; Keenan Caporilli, carpentry; Mark Consiglio, auto body repair; Corey Coonrod, conservation; Jazmin Costello, culinary arts; Matthew Costello, carpentry; Pablo Cruz, culinary arts

Ryan Danielski, criminal justice; Paul Decker, criminal justice; Joshua Diehl, broadcast technology; Krysteena Drake, culinary arts; Katrina Dutcher, computer programming; Camille Dyous, broadcast technology

Heather Egelston, early childhood education; Justin Eldred, carpentry; Melanie Entelisano, equine/animal science; Brandon Fallon, culinary arts; Frank Fancher, computer programming; Bruce Finster, vocational-technical preparation; Gina Gaetano, broadcast technology; Ashley Gonzalez, early childhood education; Lyann Gonzalez, cosmetology; Tamara Grant, graphic design; Whitney Grogan, cosmetology; Andrea Gutie’rrez, computer programming

Jonathan Hallenbeck, culinary arts; Nyoka Hammond, culinary arts; Zachery Hatzinger, conservation; Daniel Hecox, criminal justice; Destiny Hernandez, broadcast technology; Amanda Hesse, equine/animal science; Tiffany Hildenbrandt, early childhood education; Tesla Holeck, equine/animal science; Kimberly Hopper, culinary arts; Robbin Humphrey, broadcast technology; Nicole Hutchinson, early childhood education

Kaley Jackson, cosmetology; Darren Jaegers, criminal justice; Donald Jaynes, automotive technology; James Johnson, carpentry; Jasmine Johnson, culinary arts; Brandon Keyser, culinary arts; Shaylee Kirk, culinary arts; Donna Jasmine Johnson, culinary arts; Brandon Keyser, culinary arts; Shaylee Kirk, culinary arts; Donna Kotary, cosmetology; Mallory Krebs, cosmetology; Amy Lacey, criminal justice; Sarita Lattimore, early childhood education; Jessica Libby, computer programming

Amanda Madonia, early childhood education;; Paul Maitland, conservation; Cody Marshall, auto body repair; Ethan Marshall, electrical/HVAC; Shane Martorell, graphic design; Stephanie Maskell, graphic design; Frank Mastraccio, electrical/HVAC; Avery McFadden, computer programming; Aneyia McGill, culinary arts; Devon McNatt, heavy equipment operation; Mark Merchant, culinary arts; Vanessa Meyers, equine/animal science

David Pacheco, culinary arts; David Pasqualetti, culinary arts; Kaci Powell, early childhood education; Carina Pugh, cosmetology; Michael Quinn, criminal justice

Keana Ricafort, cosmetology; Ta’Aisa Richardson, certified nursing assistant; Michael Robbins, recreational and outdoor power equipment; Heather Roberts, early childhood education; Samantha Roher, early childhood education; Christiane Rudd, graphic design; Scott Ryan, criminal justice

Benjamin Salisbury, electrical/HVAC; Anna Salvador, certified nursing assistant; Sylvia Schmoke, criminal justice; Amanda Seaton, equine/animal science; Thomas Secor, culinary arts; Samantha Seigler, early childhood education; Samantha Seigler, LPN; Kyle Simmons, IT systems/CISCO; Brent Smith, conservation; Damian Smith, carpentry; Glen Smith, carpentry; Katelyn Snyder, cosmetology; Samantha Sorrell, culinary arts; David Spencer, carpentry; Jessica Swancott, cosmetology; Nathan Swinney, IT systems/CISCO

Tiffany Tennant, certified nursing assistant; Jacqueline Thompson, cosmetology; Miguel Todd, culinary arts; Vanessa Todd, cosmetology; Skye Tonner, cosmetology; Brett Townsend, computer programming

Jamie Walker, carpentry; Dametria Wall, early childhood education; Sherrae Ward, certified nursing assistant; Damien Williams, culinary arts; Eric Williams, culinary arts; Nathanael Williams, recreational and outdoor power equipment; Dustin Wilson, automotive technology; Kelsey Witzigman, equine/animal science; Krista Wolfe, LPN.

Camden grads:

Erin Adsit, carpentry; Nick Anagnos, heavy equipment operation; Molly Annarino, new ventures; Thomas Armstrong, conservation; Ryan Ashley, culinary arts

Cassandra Barber, new ventures; Meaghan Benjamin, culinary arts; Crystalanne Boncella, new ventures; Amy Brazie, broadcast technology; Russell Brodock, community occupational education; Heather Burke, early childhood education; Joseph Button, carpentry; Eleni Butts, new ventures

Timothy Carle, carpentry; Cody Carney, auto body repair; Travis Chase, electrical/HVAC; Robert Clark, automotive technology; Erica Coe, criminal justice; Casey Cole, LPN; Russell Cole, new ventures; Monika Cook, culinary arts

Alisabeth Davis, early childhood education; Darren Deeley, recreational and outdoor power equipment; Stephanie DeRosa, new ventures; Miranda Dominie, cosmetology; Kathlene Downing, cosmetology; Janel Ewert, early childhood education; Marissa Felker, new ventures; Jerrica Fisher, criminal justice; William George, early childhood education; Justin Grass, carpentry

Christopher Hawkes, electrical/HVAC; Ciarra Healey, certified nursing assistant; Zach Hollibaugh, conservation; Caleb Holmes, Airframe and Powerplant Tech.; Mike House, conservation; Shannon Hummel, cosmetology; Gary Jeffries, broadcast technology; Caitlin Jones, Allied Health partnersip

David Kalk, conservation; John Kluskie, carpentry; Lauren LaComb, new ventures; Chelsey Laning, cosmetology; Christopher Lohr, electrical/HVAC; Mitchell Madonia, culinary arts; James McCormick, culinary arts; Colin McDaniels, criminal justice; Carrie Melton, cosmetology; Alfred Morgan, computer programming

Cynthia Porter, equine/animal science; Kayla Postol, equine/animal science; James Potter, computer programming; Danielle Pratt, early childhood education; Kayla Premo, new ventures

Nicole Raymond, cosmetology; Brittany Renfrew, criminal justice; Alex Richardson, electrical/HVAC

Danny Segur, computer programming; Nicholas Sherman, criminal justice; Sheley Siegfried, cosmetology; Jennifer Simmons, culinary arts; Mason Skinner, automotive technology; Adrianna Smith, cosmetology; Raechelle, St. Dennis, new ventures

Brittany Taber, equine/animal science; Emily Tallman, LPN; Zachary Templar, recreational and outdoor power equipment; Amy Tilton, certified nursing assistant; Eric Waldron, auto body repair; Maggie Wellman, culinary arts; Kyle Willson, criminal justice; Katelyn Wines, certified nursing assistant; Stacia Woodworth, certified nursing assistant

Vernon-Verona-Sherrill grads:

Timothy Ano, graphic design; Cody Austin, heavy equipment operation ; Brittany Bickom, criminal justice; Stephanie Boehlert, cosmetology; Luis Boice, electrical/HVAC; Andrew Boni, graphic design; Alycia Bosworth, equine/animal science

Jessica Carey, cosmetology; Teighlar Carney, new ventures; Jonathan Carpenter, carpentry; Jevon Ceraulo, electrical/HVAC; Dakota Chapin, carpentry; Alyssa Collins, new ventures; Kyla Cox, LPN; Bridget Danboise, early childhood education; Ashley Dickerman, graphic design; Jonathon Eaton, carpentry

Shelbie Francis, cosmetology; Travis Jennings, carpentry; Zachary Jennings, criminal justice; Chelsea Jocko, early childhood education; Thomas Larsen, heavy equipment operation

Cailee McWilliams, LPN; Joshua Mennig, carpentry; Chris Moore, recreational and outdoor power equipment; Sydney Morton, cosmetology; Elizabeth Mulkey, LPN; Tylor Nicholson, carpentry; Aaron Owens, heavy equipment operation; Travis Palmer, carpentry

Julie Rathbun, computer programming; Kyle Reader, conservation; Nicholas Rizzo, conservation; Michael Roberts, automotive technology; Daniel Rotach, criminal justice; Michael Rusaw, heavy equipment operation

Zachary Schrader, auto body repair; Colleen Sears, new ventures; Shailene Shlotzhauer, cosmetology; Benjamin Siedsma, heavy equipment operation; Matthew Stevens, vocational-technical preparation

Jacqueline Tahou, early childhood education; Ian Twiss, engineering science; Elizabeth Van Slyke, culinary arts; Andrew Wagner, automotive technology; Nicole Waldron, engineering science; Bret Wandell, conservation; Sonja Wickard, criminal justice; Gerald Wilson, graphic design; Alexandria Woodcock, cosmetology.

There were no graduates this year from NYSSD.