Griffo’s campaign collects $38,865 for next year’s run

State Sen. Joseph A. Griffo, R-47, Rome, has more than $38,000 on hand as he heads toward the next election in November 2010.

Between November 2008 and June, Griffo received $38,865 in contributions, ranging from individuals to businesses to political action committees, according to the most recent finance reports filed in July with the state Board of Elections.

Republican/Conservative Griffo won the seat three years ago when Republican Raymond A. Meier ran for the House seat vacated by retiring 12-term Republican Sherwood L. Boehlert. Democrat Michael A. Arcuri won that election. Griffo spent more than $1 million in his first-ever run for state Senate. He faced both primary and general election challenges. Griffo was elected to his current seat in 2006. Last year, he was challenged by Annsville resident and Working Families party candidate Michael Boncella, who later stopped campaigning for health reasons.

The most recent local contributions received by the Griffo campaign:

Acchino Auto Body, Rome, $100; Alliance Paving Materials, Rome, $120; Arlott Office Products, Utica, $60; Bank of Utica, Utica, $120; Bartell Machinery, Lee, $120; Calli & Calli Law Offices, Utica, $120; Custom Tool & Model Corp., Frankfort, Herkimer County, $120; Falvo Manufacturing, Utica, $60; Fiber Instrument Sales, Oriskany, $620; Ford, English Financial Group, Utica, $120; Friends of Dan Middaugh, Utica, $60; George Nole & Son, Utica, $60; Getnick, Livingston, Atkinson, Gigliotti & Piore, Utica, $60.

Also, Hinge Hardware, Barneveld, $100; LB Security & Investigations, Utica, $120; LCS Janitorial Service & Supply, Rome, $60; Lowville Producers Dairy, Lowville, Lewis County, $100; Mohawk Glen Imaging, Rome, $50; NEPAC, Utica, $500; Northland Telephone, Utica, $60; Nunn’s Hospital Supplies, Rome, $300; Ocuto Blacktop Paving Co., Rome, $120; Otis Products, Lyons Falls, Lewis County, $100; Republican 100,000 Club, Utica, $120; RMH Services, Rome, $120; Rome City Republican Committee, Rome, $60; Rose Cypress Association, Sherrill, $120; S. Delia Corp, Utica, $100; Saunders Kahler, Utica, $120; Sickenberger Lane, Utica, $120; Sovena USA, Rome, $100; Utica First Insurance Company, Utica, $60; Utica National Insurance Co., Utica, $120; Varano Photography, Rome, $60; Vitullo, New Hartford, $60; Kenneth Abramczyk, Sauquoit, $120; Lawrence Adler, Clinton, $240; George Aney, Herkimer, Herkimer County, $100l Richard Antanavige, New Hartford, $60.

Also, Paul Balzano, New Hartford, $60; Joseph Baruth, Constableville, Lewis County, $60; Elizabeth Bellacosa, Rome, $25; Eugene Bennati, Sherrill, $60; Sam Berardino, New Hartford, $60; Robert Blocher, Rome, $50; Rosemary Bonacci, Whitesboro, $60; Martin Broccoli, Utica, $30; Marianne Brooks, Utica, $120; Wayne Brooks, Utica, $120; Ronald Bucciero, Utica, $60; Katherine Buczek, Rome, $60; Stephen Buda, Marcy, $60; Eric Burch, Lowville, $60; Susan Bush, Brantingham, Lewis County, $120; Marianne Buttenschon, Marcy, $60; Mary Anne Casadei, Rome, $30; Vincent Casale, Mohawk, Herkimer County, $100; Fayez Chahfe, Utica, $100; Ann Cianfrocco, Rome, $60; Madera Clark, Rome, $140; Richard Compson, Clinton, $60; Linda Croghan, Rome, $60; Suzanne Cusack, Rome, $120.

Also, Rudy D’Amico, Marcy, $240; Anthony Darcangelo, Rome, $60; Chad Defina, New Hartford, $60; Steven Devan, Clinton, $60; Joanne Dicob, Lowville, $60; Jeanne Donalty, Utica, $60; Catherine Dumka, Utica, $60; Elizabeth DuRoss, New Hartford, $60; Melissa Ferrucci, Rome, $60; Gerald Fiorini, Rome, $60; Donald Foley, Clinton, $120; Steven Gigliotti, Utica, $60; Stephen Giles, Utica, $20; Daniel Gilmore, Woodgate, $60; Robert Goering, Clinton, $25; William Goodman, Whitesboro, $20; David Grow, Rome, $60.

Also, Douglas Hanno, Lowville, $60; Michael Hayduk, Rome, $120; James Hill, New Hartford, $60; Mark Hinman, Rome, $50; Thomas Hoke, Rome, $25; William Holicky, New Hartford, $60; Roxaina Hurlburt, Lowville, $60; Todd Hutton, New Hartford, $60; Daniel Ianno, New Hartford, $60; Theresa Ianno, New Hartford, $120; Matthew Kehoe, Rome, $10; Robert Kellogg, Clinton, $60; Kevin Kelly, New Hartford, $40; Rodney Kent, Oneida, Madison County, $500; Janice Kullmann, Rome, $40.

Also, Norman Laube, Vernon, $120; Leslie Leone, Whitesboro, $60; Mike Loso, Rome, $200; Brandon Lovett, Rome, $60; Richard Lucas, Copenhagen, Lewis County, $120; Kevin G. Ludlow, Sauquoit, $120; Orrin MacMurray, Camden, $120; Pamela Mandryck, Ava, $60; Thomas Marcoline, Utica, $60; Gerald Marketos, Rome, $200; David Mathis, Utica, $60; Nicholas Matt, New Hartford, $60; Gregory Mattacola, Rome, $60; Albert Mazloom, Utica, $60; Maryann Mazzaferro, Rome, $60; Yvonne McClusky, Utica, $60; Andrea Mercurio, Rome, $60; Stephen Mercurio, Rome, $50; Genevive Messa, Marcy, $60; Corey Michik, Blossvale, $120; Rocco Migliori, Rome, $60; Sandra Miller, Rome, $120; Betty Nash, Westernville, $60; Gina Nash, Rome, $120; Frank Nebush, Utica, $65.

Also, Brighis O’Brien, Clinton, $120; Timothy O’Connor, Lowville, $125; James O’Rourke, Rome, $60; Michael O’Rourke, Rome, $120; Carole Owen, New Hartford, $60; Michael Parsons, New Hartford, $125; Cesare Pecoraro, Rome, $200; John Plumley, Camden, $60; Mary Pratt, New Hartford, $60; Joann Putnam, New Hartford, $50; Darya Rafizadeh, Forestport, $200; M. Rafizadeh, Forestport, $1,000; Mozafar Rafizadeh, Forestport, $500; Thomas Rahn, Utica, $25; Marie Raymonda, Whitesboro, $240; Earle Reed, Utica, $60; Michael Romano, Rome, $60; Betty Sabia, Rome, $120; Sharon Santa Maria, Whitesboro, $180; Lawrence Sardelli, Chadwicks, $60; Alice Savino, Whitesboro, $60; Randall Schell, Lowville, $60; Fred Scherz, Verona, $60; Mary Jo Sears, Rome, $120; Kristen Shaheen, New Hartford, $120; Sharon Puma, Rome, $120; Richard Sheeran, Vernon, $60; Susan Simonelli, Clinton, $120; Howard Slater, Old Forge, $100; Randolph Soggs, New Hartford, $100; Lucille Soldato, Utica, $60; Anthony Sorbello, Rome, $60; Gretchen Sprock, Rome, $120; Debra Strange, Rome, $60; Dolores Swinney, Rome, $30.

Also, Francisco Tallarino, Rome, $25; Jane Thelen, Whitesboro, $60; Myron Thurston, Vernon Center, $60; Carla Till, Rome, $25; Patrick Tysinski, New Hartford, $60; Angela Vanderhoof, Utica, $60; Joseph Vendetti, Rome, $80; Donna Vitagliano, Utica, $60; John Wade, Utica, $120; Shirley Waters, Rome, $60; Carol Wick, Rome, $25; Fredrick Wickham, Rome, $60; Jeffery Wilczak, Vernon Center, $60; John William, Sauquoit, $60; Richard Wilson, Utica, $60; Mary Carme Wolf, Rome, $120; Michael Young, Lowville, $120.