Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Rome deeds

604 Calvert St., Kelly Pope to Ryan M. Russitano, $50,000 ($50,000).

111 Carey St., IB Property Holdings, LLC to Jonnie Nickles, $24,000 ($51,100).

7199 Coleman Mills Road, Jennifer L. Cardamone to Jennifer L. and James M. Vance, $1 ($88,000).

8009 Crestview Lane, Charles Getty for Patricia Brown to Bank of America, $97,652 ($91,900).

1001 Croton St., Thomas O. and Dorcas J. Shea to Douglas J. McNeil, $108,900 ($67,700).

8429 Dawn Drive, Lois I. DePasquale to Michael P. Jr. and Melissa S. Quinn, $57,000 ($60,200).

507 E. Bloomfield St., Umberto Lauro to Wells Fargo Bank, $65,385 ($41,000).

409 Elm St., Daniel and Sonja Lambert to Sarah Barron and James J. Daley, $134,620 ($69,200).

906 Elm St., Evan W. Howard to William F. Joiner and Edward W. and Mary C. Hunt, $73,500 ($56,200).

633 Floyd Ave., William G. McCormick, Shirley J. McCormick and Michael B. McCormick to Debra A. Cutler, $69,900 ($60,300).

920 Franklyn St., Joseph V. III and Joann S. Beasock to Kristine M. Hanson, $78,000 ($45,000).

1408 Franklyn St., Angeline Barr to Carla J. Mininger, $71,500 ($49,400).

102 Fort Stanwix Park North, Richard Enders, Esq., as referee, to Bank of New York Mellon, $54,419 ($50,000).

4826 Humaston Road, James O. and Linda J. Cline to Edward J. and Beth A. Jones, $180,000 ($110,300).

1006 Jervis Ave., Peter P. Podkowka to Charlotte Hubal, $90,000 ($68,400).

706 Laurel St., Salvatore F. and Susan J. Comito to Michael Donahue, $14,000 ($21,100).

703 Massena Ave., Alice M. Scherz to Kyle B. Velte, $85,330 ($65,700).

707 Massena Ave., Mafalda Scicchitano to Tawnya S. Starcher, $62,000 ($53,900).

329 N. Charles St., David M. and Lorraine M. Molnar to Stacy L. Nelson and Jeffrey Owens, $90,100 ($57,500).

112 N. Crescent Drive, Sheri A. Hartness to Krystina Gotsch, $72,338 ($45,700).

1005 N. George St., Daniel I. Didier to Jonathan M. Thompson, $155,000 ($111,000).

720 N. James St., William Leberman, trustee for Walter Ferenc, to Michael Ferenc, $9,000 ($55,700).

1712 N. James St., Chad and Gauri Wallace to Michael P. Nelson, $94,000 ($57,600).

408 N. Madison St., Joseph P. Sanzone Jr. to Phyllis J. Sanzone, $8,000 ($47,000).

506 N. Madison St., Hudon Property Management, Inc. to Benchmark Homes, LLC, $92,500 ($81,700).

603 N. Washington St., Federal National Mortgage Association to Blaine Wiggins, $17,000 ($45,100).

910 Oakwood St., Carey Phair and Christina J. LaMonica-Phair to Christopher Charles Morrison, $82,800 ($60,300).

7815 Passer Road, Ken and Barbara Kinne to Jennie E. and Gregory R. Wafer, $107,400 ($62,600).

91 Perimeter Road, Oneida County Industrial Development Agency to Mohawk Glen Associates, LLC, $1 ($2,297,500).

823 Roosevelt Ave., Tod Lascurettes, Esq. to AmeriCU Credit Union, $46,000 ($52,300).

1602 Roser Terrace, Justin P. and Laurie A. Cresswell to Sandra M. Minsaas, $132,500 ($67,900).

513 S. James St., Charles W. Galluzzo, and Robert J. and Phyllis Galluzzo to Laurine Azar, $40,000 ($39,800).

617 Turin St., Dale H. and Karen B. Griffith to Dean Montopoli, $205,000 ($91,900).

1011 Valentine Ave., Mary E. Millhouse to Dominic J. Corigliano, $1 ($60,700).

421 W. Dominick St., Bank of America, NA to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $10 ($40,000).

6791 Williams Road, Roseann M. Rees to Stephen J. and Jean M. Hammond, $70,000 ($59,900).

1017 Wood St., Carol Ceci to Michael T. Hunzinger, $96,000 ($75,000).

Town deeds

Annsville, 9264 Main St., Frances C. Tracy to Donald H. and Kathleen M. Beal, $15,000.

Annsville, 9279 Main St., Meeker-O’Rourke Post of the American Legion No.1309, Inc. to Matt J. Terrier and Josephine A. Dote, $64,375.

Ava, 6171 E. Ava Road, Larry L. Backer and Mark W. Backer, trustees of the Marjorie Backer Trust, to Larry L. Backer, $15,000.

Ava, Route 26, Larry L. Backer and Mark W. Backer, trustees of the Marjorie Backer Trust, to Larry L. Backer, $25,000.

Ava, 6141 West Ava Road, Eugene R. and Michelle S. Dale to Sebastian J. and Barbara A. Interlandi, $193,000.

Barneveld, 8553 Route 28, John Roy to Michael D’Ambro, $134,000.

Boonville, 216 Academy St., Todd R. Roberts to Travis Hutchins and Deborah Gaylord, $65,000.

Boonville, 3730 Hawkinsville Road, Sefket Isovic to Ryan M. Hoskins, $72,000.

Boonville, 11821 Potato Hill Road, Mary Kowalik, Thomas Kowalik, Mark Kowalik and Robert Kowalik to Jeremy R. Battles and Justine L. Podkowka, $100,000.

Boonville, 140 West St., Frederick A. and Hannelore M. Stock to Eric M. Stempien, $85,000.

Boonville, 162 West St., Daryl L. and Linda Marcy to Joeline Carey, $120,000.

Bridgewater, Stone Road, Warren H. and Laurie A. Dingman to Ronald B. and Marcia E. Huntley, $1,900.

Camden, 37 Elm St., Cecelia M. Girard, Gary J. Girard and Rosalie A. Wilkes to William Lemar Ballou, $80,000.

Camden, 16 Fayette St., Kevin D. and Terri A. Vanderworken to Tracy Dingman, $59,850.

Camden, 10140 Florence Hill Road, the estate of Ida H. Babcock Newton to Diana Schinn, $130,000.

Camden, Lot 7 Howard Road, Christmas and Associates, Inc. to Kristopher and Janel Kratky, $19,900.

Camden, 70353 River Road, the estate of Mark S. Kroll to Dale A. and Donna L. Aikens, $120,000.

Camden, 1894 Walker Road, Ronald J. Myers to Martin C. and Shirley A. Treen, $52,000.

Camden, Weeden Drive, Daniel A. and Amelia M. Weeden to Brian W. Farr, $15,000.

Florence, Lot 10 Chase Road, Christmas and Associates, Inc. to Larry A. Adam and Daniel A. Adam, $35,800.

Florence, Florence Hill Road, Carl Haasper to WoodWise Forest Land, LLC, $219,800.

Florence, 10956 Loveland Road North, James W. Moseman, referee, to Green Tree Servicing, LLC, $52,077.

Florence, Miller Road, Yvonne E. Posson to Jeffrey A. Lamoureux, Jennifer Lamoureux, Robert J. Lamoureux and Victoria F. Lamoureux, $75,000.

Florence, Lot 7 Westdale Road, Christmas and Associates, Inc. to Donald M. Freson and Nadine J. Underwood, $24,900.

Florence, Lot 13 Westdale Road, Christmas and Associates, Inc. to Pete Martino, $24,900.

Floyd, 7793 Camroden Road, Douglas M. DeMarche, Jr., as referee for Donna M. Fauci and Jose Velez, Jr., to IB Property Holdings, LLC, $117,672.

Floyd, 7339 Davis Road, Jody A. Halpin to Michelle A. Dahlin, $129,000.

Floyd, 7783 New Floyd Road, Herman T. Jr. and Joan Campanaro to Daniel A. and Elaine Falatico, $94,500.

Floyd, 7283 Ritchie Road, Oneida County Board of Legislators to Thomas Pianella, $1,100.

Floyd, Route 365, Mary A. Mierek to Brian P. Marsh, $2,000.

Forestport, Black River Forest, Bartle Gorman, as referee, to Steven and Jennifer Gillett, $10,000.

Forestport, Buck Lake Road, William C. Jones, Richard Bray, Carl S. Andriano and Howard Lafave to Timothy W. Collins and the Miller Living Trust, $32,000.

Forestport, 12131 Kincaid Road, Robert and Sarah Lewin to Phylis K. Chait, $164,000.

Forestport, 10663 Kirkland Road, Beneficial Homeowner Service Corporation to Richard A. and Kirstine S. O’Leary, $30,300.

Forestport, 11784 O’Brien Road, Richard L. Gardner to Joseph Bellows, Harry S. Triebe Sr. and Thomas A. Tracy Jr., $2,500.

Forestport, 12696 Route 28, Marie and Robert Imundo to Richard J. Chapman Jr., $228,000.

Forestport, 13819 Route 28, Douglas J. Bordinger to PHH Mortgage Corporation, $136,951.

Forestport, 13929 Route 28, Gary P. and Shirley A. Albright to Robert Jennings, $56,000.

Forestport, Tracy Road West, Michael J. and Suzanne M. Hayes to Stanley J. Szepiel III, $120,000.

Forestport, 6041 White Lake Road, Gustave John De Traglia, Esq., as referee for Gardner McWayne and Robert McWayne, to Federal National Mortgage Asociation, $79,621.

Holland Patent, 9896 Korber Road, Darryl and Barbara Wood to Ryan A. Sweet, $106,000.

Holland Patent, 8707 South Hill Road, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee, to Thomas Donahue, $115,000.

Lee, Capron Road, James and Robin A. Donlon to Fred F. Macchia, $12,500.

Lee, Capron Road, Michael Daskiewich to Mkaya Mwamburi, $27,000.

Lee, Frenchtown Road, Gateway Properties of Upstate New York, Inc. to Milan Sabo, $44,000.

Lee, 7821 Frenchtown Road, Stephen Hammond to Eric Hoage, $29,900.

Lee, 5350 Golly Road, 5700 Hoag Road, Joseph G. and Ann J. Kotary to Steven J. Kotary, $1.

Lee, 150 Hilson Drive, Stephen J. and Lori A. LaGatta to Shelley M. and Joseph Rotolo, $169,000.

Lee, 72 Meyers Road, John F. Otis Jr. to Donald A. Lawrence, $27,900.

Lee, 6370 Pleasant Drive, Michael J. and Patrice M. Biondi to Patrice M. Biondi, $1.

Lee, Stokes-Lee Center Road, Donald D. Galla to Andrew R. and Rosarin P. Russell, $35,000.

Lee, 4753 Streun Road, Gene R. Platt and Sonya L. Young to Nelson C. and Susan G. Marsh, $114,000.

Lee Center, 16 Family Circle, Joseph E. and Lori A. Vogel to Frank J. and Tammy L. DiMezzo, $229,000.

McConnellsville, 2986 McConnellsville Road, The Beverly O. Harden Revocable Trust to Michael B. and Jennifer L. Keil, $265,000.

Remsen, 10865 Commons Road, Oneida County Board of Legislators to Kevin Shields, $4,700.

Remsen, Fairchild Road, Gary Harvey to Gateway Properties of Upstate New York, Inc., $90,000.

Remsen, Fairchild Road, Gateway Properties of Upstate New York, Inc. to Steven and Linda Litvinchyk, $125,000.

Remsen, 11017 Middle Road, Vito Jack Getti, as executor of the estate of Corrado V. Getti, to Ronald J. Williams, $66,000.

Remsen, 9894 Old State Road, Barbara B. Roberts to Richard C. Finn, $65,000.

Remsen, 12138 Route 365, Ronald Hiffa to Patrick H. Harvey, $15,000.

Remsen, Susquehannah St., Oneida County Board of Legislators to Laura McNally, $1,250.

Sherrill, 328 E. Seneca St., Donna M. Wright to Jennifer L. Duke and Jason DeFelice, $28,001.

Sherrill, 190 Route 5, Gregory Ross to Kurt Gormley, $100,000.

Sylvan Beach, 2913 Division St., Barbara J. Keil to Frank J. and Mary Jane Place, $67,000.

Trenton, 7957 Elm St., Household Finance Realty Corporation of New York to Heath Carney, $37,000.

Trenton, 9854 Powell Road, Maynard B. Lloyd, Norma J. Lloyd and Gavin Lloyd to David A. and Petrina L. Warcup, $24,000.

9729 Round Barn Road, Joseph A. Durante to Buck Construction LLC, $30,000.

Trenton, Route 365, Stephen Dorn to Omer J. Loranger, $145,000.

Trenton, 10105 Route 365, trust under the will of Stanley L. Schrider to Christine A. Duguay, $35,000.

Vernon, 5277 Cooper St., Oneida County Board of Legislators to Gavin and Carrie Buckley, $10,000.

Vernon, State Street, Marion A. Cierek, Marion S. Laube, William Allen, Mary D. Allen, Lynne Mondrick, Cynthia L. Fallon, Mark J. Smith, and Sherry A. Smith to Doris Conde, $1,5000.

Vernon, 4541 Verona St., Homesales, Inc. to Stonecrest Income and Opportunity Fund 1, LLC, $16,048.

Verona, 6595 Higginsville Road, Lawrence Webb, executor of the estate of Edna J. Webb, to Shane Nadine, $60,000.

Verona, 5082 Spring Road, Mary M. Boyce to Kevin J. and Sarah N. Walters, $120,000.

Verona, 5300 Spring Road, Steven G. and Susan M. McPherson to Matthew S. Hall and Whitney P. McPherson, $200,000.

Verona, 5619 Sunwood Lane, Anna L. Tice to Jason J. DeJesus, $94,900.

Verona, 5854 Tilden Hill Road, William M. Davies to Laura Southwick, $95,000.

Verona, 4174 Wood Creek Road, Douglas J. Lustig, as trustee for Virginia L. Plumley, to Rebecca E. Kosanke and Robert E. Davidson, $5,000.

Vienna, 3441 Cook Road, Lawrence D. Kranbuhl to Jeffrey D. Smith, $68,000.

Vienna, Hower Road, John C. and Susan M. Benedict to the Lugene S. Rotundo Revocable Living Trust, $15,000.

Vienna, 2786 Kellogg Road, Scott P. and Kim A. Outtrim to George and Susan G. Piccolo, $50,000.

Vienna, 7341 Lake Shore Drive, Jack and Cindy Reale to Daniel A. Eppler, $215,000.

Vienna, 1205 Park Ave., Ruth I. Beach, individually and as trustee of the Ruth I. Beach Revocable Living Trust, $225,000.

Vienna, 2887 Powell Road, Thomas W. and Gail F. Smith to Matthew W. Poland, $65,000.

Vienna, Swartz Road, Orthodox Charitable and Educational Foundation, Inc. to James T. Matthews II, $12,000.

Western, 8664 Elmer Hill Road, Joseph B. Gross to Michael J. Corelli, $245,000.

Western, 129 Knollwood Circle, Norman D. and Linda L. Lanaley to Bruce D. and Lucy Branco Langley, $135,000.

Western, 6800 Whaley Road South, Robert E. and Betty J. Johnson to Peter J. Cianfrocco, $124,000.

Westernville, 7711 Stokes-Westernville Road, Patricia A. Heller, trustee of the Weismiller Irrevocable Trust, to Veronica A. Murphy, $54,000.

Westmoreland, Bartlett Road, Barbara A. Turner, Michelle G. Doneza and Erwin G. Poile to Tri-City Lacrosse, Inc., $49,000.

Westmoreland, 5554 Bartlett Road, Barbara Pfendler to Clayton J. and Jill E. Cantil, $155,000.

Westmoreland, 5901 Burrows Road, Paula S. Poirier to Leonard and Amy LaPorte, $166,000.

Westmoreland, Eureka Road, Theresa M. Tucker to Buck Construction LLC, $16,000.

Westmoreland, 5139 Eureka Road, Crystal A. Filer to Marty and Patricia Morris, $132,500.

Westmoreland, 6485 Route 233, Chad M. and Jennifer Crandall to Hector Rodriguez and Jacky Scalise, $84,000.

Westmoreland, Seymour Lane, Burton D. Seymour to Novia Group, LLC, $300,000.

Westmoreland, 4333 Skyline Drive, Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Brian and Amber Murphy, $42,900.

Westmoreland, 7295 W. Main St., Glen T. Maine and Wendy C. Maine Revocable Trust to Antonio Cristiano, $125,000.

Westmoreland, 6739 W. South St., Todd E. and Vicki L. Weston to Jennifer Bramley, $110,000.

Whitesboro, 5 Foster St., Vincent Cancilla to Megan Williams, $58,000.

Whitesboro, 149 Main St., Robert S. Fredricks to Chad M. Tooke, $31,000.

Whitestown, 8684 Aitken Ave., Doris E. Emden to Lyndon S. Posch, $74,900.

Whitestown, 17 Biltizen Circle, the estate of Chester Urbanczyk to the Winifred T. Luton Revocable Trust, $90,000.

Whitestown, 73 Campbell Ave., Thomas J. Achen to Patrick S. Wadsworth, $92,000.

Whitestown, 1024 Champlain Ave., Oneida County Board of Legislators to Scott A. Adsit, Gary Roberts and Debra C. Roberts, $51,000.

Whitestown, 18 Cheyenne Crescent, John A. Collis to Mark J. and Ledia Mullen, $180,000.

Whitestown, 24 Curran Road, David M. and Judith Williams to Linda M. McCurdy, $95,500.

Whitestown, 42 Curran Road, David J. Gogola II and Cara A. Dowd to Kevin Mabie, $93,300.

Whitestown, 8 Cresthill Drive, Paulette A. DeSimone to Robert E. and Elaine L. Bozek, $128,500.

Whitestown, 108 Denton Ave., Patrick M. and Eileen Gaffney to Travis Brown, $85,000.

Whitestown, 2 Dewey Ave., WM Specialty Mortgage, LLC to Stonecrest Income and Opportunity Fund 1, LLC, $15,243.

Whitestown, 4 Dunham Place, David G. and Marilyn C. Miles to David W. Glenn Sr., $81,514.

Whitestown, 12 Elmwood Ave., Dominick J. and Jennifer D. Dote to Matthew T. Trodler, $126,200.

Whitestown, 12 Gardner St., Audrey L. Woodard to Vanessa M. Pagan and Adelaida Garcia-Pagan, $89,040.

Whitestown, Harts Hill Circle, Stanley T. and Josephine Olejarczyk and the Diane E. Lear 2002 Revocable Living Trust to John G. and Susan E. Williams, $102,000.

Whitestown, 205 Lorrie Lane, John C. and Eileen Seala to Dominick and Jennifer Dote, $269,000.

Whitestown, 6 Symphony Drive, Robert E. and Elaine Bozek to Patrick and Eileen Gaffney, $190,000.

Whitestown, 22 Whitesboro St., the Estate of Cheryl A. Ford to Alan R. Turnage and William H. Williams, $76,000.

Whitestown, 2139 Whitesboro St., Oneida County Board of Legislators to Vadim Kordgoda (V.K. Real Estate, Inc.), $2,750.

Whitestown, 27 Whitford Ave., Timothy Windbigler and Kathleen Cleary to Ronald and Michelle Moon, $103,000.

Yorkville, 15 Calder Ave., John M. Kurdziolek to Melinda A. McConkey, $64,000.

Yorkville, 1110 Ney Ave., Church of the Sacred Heart to Michael Pezzolanella, $150,000.