By STEVE JONES Staff writer

Overtime in the city’s Department of Public Works was down a bit in 2008, primarily due to less night plowing and an early end to the green waste collection season when winter rolled in.

The department had 128 employees collect overtime in 2008, according to Commissioner Frank D. Tallarino Jr. Tallarino himself was 120th among them, only making $61 in overtime last year, he noted.

The department spent a total of $345,000 in overtime wages in 2008. That was down nearly 11 percent from $387,000 the year before. The overtime expenses for "streets" and for "snow removal" each used about $20,000 less in 2008 than the year before, while all other categories were basically the same as the year before. Tallarino noted that the snow came early this winter, prompting an early end to green waste collection. Less green waste collection meant less overtime for those workers. But between January of 2008 and the end of the year, there was also less overtime for snow plowing, he noted. Therefore, the snow removal column was lower on overtime than in 2007.

The 10 DPW employees who earned the most in overtime in 2008 were:

• Engineering inspector Joseph Guiliano ($10,709).

• Assistant Superintendent of Public Works Anthony Nash ($9,068).

• Water filtration plant maintenance man Frank Pacicca ($8,634).

• Engineer Eric Seifert ($8,023).

• Engineer Mathew Keller ($7,701).

• Water shop maintenance man Michael Bilodeau ($6,770).

• Filtration plan laborer Marc Nashton ($6,480).

• Water shop heavy equipment operator Andrew Glasso II ($5,812).

• Heavy motor equipment operator Bruce Smith ($5,771).

• Heavy motor equipment operator Randy Savage ($5,745).

Guiliano, Seifert and Keller earned most of their overtime on summer construction inspection duties. Filtration plant employees were responsible for plowing out the city’s land in the Town of Lee and inspecting the dams. Water shop employees earn overtime repairing water main breaks. The two operators earned their overtime driving snow plows.

Guiliano, Nash, Pacicca, Keller, Smith and Savage were all among the top 10 overtime earners in the department in 2007 as well.