Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Rome deeds

407 Ann St., City of Rome to Juanita C. Thomas, $250 ($30,000).

509 Arsenal Place, John G. Leonard, as referee, to Home Sales Inc., $26,863 ($40,900).

6471 Bartlett Road, Pristine Homes of CNY, LLC to Joshua J. Lasher, $190,000 ($60,000).

909-911 Batavia Ave., Charles N. Brown, Esq., as referee, to The Bank of New York Mellon, $31,500 ($45,600).

900 Bell Road, Clarence Chester to Wayne C. and Kimberly J. Hines, $1 ($4,000).

7165 Brennan Ave., Donald S. Roberts Jr. to Dominick Giardino, $4,000 ($1,000).

1200 Cedarbrook Drive, Audrey J. Younkin, f/k/a Audrey J. Zakala, to Helen Z. Edwards, $71,000 ($59,700).

7058 Coleman Mills Road, Pristine Homes of CNY, LLC to Nicole L. Quackenbush, $102,500 ($56,300).

813 Croton St., Rita Marcello to Lisa R. Nicoletta, $1 ($65,000).

110 E. Bloomfield St., Theresa Girouard, as referee for Nicholas J. Evans, to the State of New York Mortgage Agency, $21,600 ($61,100).

121 E. Thomas St., Richard Durant to Samboon J. Hilton, $24,000 ($36,200).

8234 Elmer Hill Road, Michael B. Ingham to Raymond A. and Megan E. Houle, $149,000 ($85,700).

824 Floyd Ave., M. Kathleen Stagliano, Lori L. Stagliano and Lisa A. Tecco to Michael M. Fialkowski, $73,000 ($53,800).

112 Fourth St., David M. and Cindy J. Massett to Tania L. Premo, $36,600 ($39,000).

Greenway Road, Daniel J. Rossiter to Robert A. and Tammy L. Zeller, $25,000.

5455 Hoag Road, James and J’nell Avena to Eric and Dianah Sullivan, $93,000 ($66,600).

6383 Ironwood Drive, James Cilente to Larry Donovan, $18,900.

6385 Ironwood Drive, James J. Cilente to Larry J. Donovan, $18,900.

8502 Keeler Road, Louis P. Gigliotti, as referee for Genevieve Gelber and Joann Harding, to Homesales, Inc., $336,350 ($299,340).

6117 Lorena Road, David B. Combs, Gary M. Combs, Vaughn A. Combs, Lori L. Combs-Hawkins to Theresa Gualtieri, $60,000 ($70,200).

127 Lyndale Drive, James H. Baker to Brian K. Brown, $85,000 ($60,200).

406 Lynwood St., Guy G. and Flora C. Rubino Trust to Lori A. Trophia, $123,100 ($67,400).

413-415 Mary St./414, 416 N. James St./108 E. Fox St., Oneida Housing, Inc. to Rome Main Street Alliance, Inc., c/o Joseph Ferlo, $20,000 ($107,600).

905 McKinley Ave., Judy L. Plumley, as referee for Christopher G. Weil, to IB Property Holdings, LLC, $22,000 ($55,800).

521 Millbrook Road, Linda Jones to Michael Thomas Jones, Lewis W. Jones Jr. and David Thomas Jones, $1 ($32,000).

521 Millbrook Road, Michael Thomas Jones, David Thomas Jones and Lewis W. Jones Jr., for the estate of Lewis W. Jones Sr., to Samantha M. DiPaolo, $53,500 ($32,000).

6129 Muck Road, City of Rome to Michael C. Rockenstyre Jr., $4,000 ($56,700).

319-321 Myrtle St., William A. Younglove to Mark A. Ringrose and Heather L. Bower, $600 ($43,800).

1503 and 1505 N. George St., the Estate of Esther H. Wolff to Walter L. and Jean L. Frykholm, $180,000 ($92,100).

1747 N. George St., the Estate of Diane T. Bottini to the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, $138,000 ($80,000).

409 N. James St., Linda M. Cataldo to Corsican Investment Group, Inc., $107,900 ($99,500).

606-608 N. James St., Nancy L. Jones, executrix for the Estate of Jean Jeror, to James R. Gulick, $64,000 ($55,700).

317 N. Madison St., City of Rome to Diana Lamphier, $300 ($54,100).

317 N. Madison St., City of Rome to Charles Kelsey, $300 ($54,100).

515 N. Washington St., B. Jane Real Revocable Trust to Jordan Anderson, $30,800 ($64,400).

237 Pleasant Ave., Vasanta A. Edussurly to Najam Adnan, $1 ($53,700).

208 Prospect St., Barbara A. Fuller, as trustee, to Barbara Fuller, $10 ($55,300).

112 Riverview Parkway S., Joseph A. Pasqualetti Jr. and Nick T. Colluccio Jr. to Brian Regulinski, $82,680 ($53,200).

407 Roberts St., CCO Mortgage to Ilya Boyko, $6,000 ($26,500).

434 S. James St., Jill Paquette, Esq., as referee, to Bank of New York, $55,447 ($54,200).

603 S. James St., IB Property Holdings, LLC to Kenneth K. Costa, $19,900 ($39,800).

6760 S. James St., Kenny L. and Alexandra G. Simpson to Jaime M. Egan, $134,000 ($63,200).

6790 S. James St., Sara Ann Cosnett, f/k/a Sara Ann Vinci, Joseph M. Patane and Carmella Patane to Levere H. Fox, $85,000 ($55,000).

908 Sherman Ave., Foster Ralph Spadafora to Peter Corigliano III, $79,000 ($61,100).

5888 Sleepy Hollow Road, Dan F. and Lorraine Lanston to Walter A. Lanston and Angela Davis, $75,000 ($69,100).

206 St. Peter’s Ave., Joseph S. Gullo Sr. to Patricia Murphy and David Cadrette, $148,000 ($71,200).

308 Stevens St., James W. and Mary F. Ott to R. James Kiernan, $17,600 ($32,600).

5043 Taberg Road, Robert R. Taylor to David R. Loiacono, Joshua D. Loiacono and Richelle N. Hogeboom, $84,000 ($55,800).

121 Tompkins Ave., Kimberly J. Bailey, n/k/a Kimberly J. Hines, to Kimberly J. and Wayne C. Hines, $1 ($45,000).

118 Urbandale Parkway, the Estate of Thomas M. Foster to Michael Carbone, $10 ($30,900).

107 Victory Drive, John W. Jaski and Diane C. Jaski-Downing to Jay E. Wilson, $73,490 ($56,000).

606 W. Court St., Ruth A. Barrera to Lonnie Young, $26,362 ($35,000).

618-620 W. Thomas St., Kenneth F. and Kyong S. Puchalski to James Stolo Jr., $66,000 ($51,900).

7931 W. Thomas St., Douglas W. Kondella Jr. to Susan Kondella, $1 ($66,800).

6763 Williams Road, Gerald J. and Renee M. Pasqualetti to Mark A. Aiello, $105,000 ($50,900).

Town deeds

Annsville, Glenmore Road, St. Ann’s Church of Annsville, a/k/a St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church of Glenmore, a/k/a St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church to Louis Calabrese Jr. and Shawn M. Barringer, $35,000.

Annsville, Lot 11 Hatfield Road, Christmas and Associates, Inc. to Thomas C. Koy, $13,900.

Annsville, 9317 Main St., the Estate of Clara B. Fletcher to Dawn L. Murray, $26,000.

Annsville, Ranney Road, Leo E. and Julia A. Matt to Raymond G. and Kathleen M. Smith, $4,200.

Annsville, 3067 Wheeler Hill Road, Barbara L. Carpenter to Bradley J. and Valerie A. Finster, $20,000.

Ava, 73327 E. Ava Road, Gilbert and Betty J. Scott to Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Management Authority, $155,000.

Ava, Great Lakes Land, LLC to GH Barnett Holdings, LLC, $25,000.

Ava, 3818 W. Ava Road, Bradley J. Finster to Corey C. Mathis, $82,000.

Barneveld, 1 Mill St., John B. Stetson to Daniel and Gail Decola, $158,000.

Barneveld, 8084 Sand Ridge Road, Chester J. Lebert to David and Mary Ann Esch, $166,000.

Blossvale, 2122 Route 49, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Laura M. Brahmer, Kenneth J. Ondrey and Christopher M. Perkins, $38,000.

Boonville, East Road, the Estate of Donald Gydesen to Daniel M. Lee, $10,000.

Boonville, 3100 East Road, the Estate of Donald C. Gydesen to Kenneth Webster Jr. and Kelly Warner, $147,000.

Boonville, 365 Fenton Terrace, Cheryl Ballard to Kayla A. and Charles J. Elsasser, $90,000.

Boonville, 2905 Hayes Road, Joan M. Yager to Bruce and Renee Rounds, $6,000.

Boonville, Maple Lane, Noah Palczynski to Christopher S. Yax, $10,000.

Boonville, 120 Pine Lane, Sonnel Suba to Michael Daskiewich, $80,000.

Boonville, 12334 Potato Hill Road, Scott M. and Shannon M. Ebersol to Elroy Moore Jr. and Elaine Klingbail, $130,000.

Boonville, 104 Seiter St., Gregory E. Mazuy to Stephen Collins, $49,500.

Camden, Florence Hill Road, Randal J. Scales to Kenneth J. and Deanne E. Suits, $7,500.

Camden, Route 69, Robert L. Sr. and Betty J. Blake to Robert D. and Cindy L. Powell, $28,900.

Camden, 1199 Route 69, Robert M. Woodard to Everett and Susanne M. Jones, $102,300.

Camden, 2807 Route 69, Tara D. Crumley to Doris M. Kelley and Kevin H. Mitchell, $27,000.

Camden, 11390 Thompson Corners Road, Margaret G. Hatosy to Delia Ferguson, $220,000.

Camden, Wolcott St., Wayne R. Bristol and Jeffrey T. Oatman to Francis T. and Janet L. Leszczyk, $1,500.

Durhamville, 5728 Irish Ridge Road, Oneida Phoenix Group, LLC to Vernon V. and Kristin M. Fonda, $82,000.

Florence, 2808 Houlahan Road, William A. Fowler to Jeffrey J. Desimone, $8,000.

Florence, Miller Road, David Posson to John W. and Gail White, $100,000.

Floyd, 8255 Skutnik Road, Luke E. Brinkerhoff to Barry W. Sr. and Lorraine S. Hein, $5,800.

Forestport, 10871 Bellingertown Road, Gerald and Kristi E. Mead to Loriane A. Dubinsky, $132,350.

Forestport, 5009 Division St., Sandra Louise Miller, individually and as executrix of the Estae of Nellie Audrey Burke, to Gordon Burke, $56,500.

Forestport, Gulf Brook Road, Michael Polacelli to Kathleen Teeps, $14,000.

Forestport, 11544 Route 28, Frederick T. Fox to the state Department of Transportation, $300.

Forestport, 14074 Route 28, William and Kelly Fancher to Frederick and Christopher Kusel, $24,000.

Lee, 9188 Capron Road, the Estate of Donald F. Clark to John A. MacCormack and Susan E. Bowersox, $69,500.

Lee, Frenchtown Road, Glenn and Barbara Sotherden to Gateway Properties of Upstate New York, Inc., $10,000.

Lee, 8820 Karlen Road, Robert D. Flint to Scott P. and Christine M. Hall, $525,000.

Lee, 5345 Lee Center-Taberg Road, Andrew M. and Kristine LaPorte to Yaworski’s Inc., $101,600.

Lee, 6412 Pillmore Drive, Shane M. and Eileen B. Hupp to Kevin Christopher and Andrea Sova, $125,000.

Lee, 5610 Streun Road, Paulette E. White to Christopher A. Smith and Tamela Mondrick, $38,500.

Lee, 9174 Sulphur Springs Road, Charles R. Jr. and Barbara E. Bruno to Willard J. and Doris G. Crawn, $80,000.

Lee Center, 4997 Lee Center-Taberg Road, James M. Quinn Sr. to PHH Mortgage Corporation, $61,484.

New York Mills, 20 Saint Stanislaus St., Thomas J. and Tina M. Cuda to Carol Cuda, $80,000.

North Bay, 7476 W. Lake St., Maplewood Park, LLC to Inez N. Fuller, $150,000.

Oriskany, 128 Cider St., Marlene Kernan and Monument Agency, Inc. to Bipinkumar and Rekhaben Desai, $130,000.

Remsen, 9605 Maple Ave., Gwendolyn McDonald to Jared L. Williams, $30,000.

Remsen, Route 12, Richard LaFluer and Belinda Flansburg to Robert Lawless, $40,000.

Sherrill, 540 E. Campbell Ave., Michael J. and Lesley C. Kennan to Michael H. and Catherine A. Duvall, $160,000.

Sherrill, 319 E. Hamilton Ave., Paul A. Bush to Nancy Denny, $160,000.

Sherrill, 210 Kinsley St., Kenneth R. Albro to Hollyce A. Kuersteiner, $150,000.

Sherrill 95 State St. E., Cocca Properties 7 LLC to Nationwide DG Investment Corporation, $670,235.

Steuben, Sixty Road, Limestone Ridge, LLC to William LaDuke and Glenda Desilets, $33,000.

Sylvan Beach, 813 16th Ave., Nathaniel S. and Annie M. Skinner to Michael R. Liadka, $95,000.

Trenton, 9987 Route 365, Beneficial Homeowner Service Corporation to Cummings Rental Properties, LLC, $58,500.

Vernon, Churton Road, Joseph D’Agostino to Howard Jr. and Jessica Okusko, $8,500.

Vernon, 4800 Route 5, Richard T. Roberts, Donald M. Roberts and Stanley F. Roberts to Shannon DiBerardino, $90,000.

Vernon, 4826 Route 5, Robert J. and Gail M. Edwards to Stephen M. an dKimberly Adamkowski, $85,500.

Vernon, 4845 Route 5, Larry M. and Doris E. Wier to Christpher S. Warner and Courtney J. Bank, $84,800.

Vernon, 4990 Route 5, George S. Felshaw and Catherine F. Wymar to Keith D. Lummis, $65,000.

Vernon, 4 School St., Ruby E. Collins, by power of attorney, to Jennifer M. Compo, $37,000.

Verona, 5785 E. Main St., Jason A. and Jessica L. Siegfried to Harold L. Jr. and Katherine E. Schofield, $123,100.

Verona, 3858 Foster Corners Road, Andrea Murray to Thomas Andrew Maine, $124,000.

Verona, 2796 Poppleton Road, Richard D. Enders, Esq., as referee, to Limestone Ridge LLC, $27,834.

Verona, 5920 Reber Road, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Dennis M. and JoanMarie J. Kelly, $88,350.

Verona, Sholtz Road, Charles S. Prest to Robert Z. and Holly A. Pawlowski, $40,000.

Vreona, Sholtz Road, Charles S. Prest to Robert Z. and Holly A. Pawlowski, $5,000.

Vienna, Hower Road, John and Susan Benedict to Vincent Cascone, $10,000.

Vienna, 3293 McConnellsville Road, Michael L. and Royal J. Littler to Karen J. Marsh, $133,000.

Western, Quaker Hill Road, the Estate of William H. Olney to John B. Olney, $45,000.

Western, 8638 Teugega Point Road, David H. and Carol E. Wood to Rick and Jane N. Montalbano, $340,000.

Westmoreland, 5317 Bartlett Road, Richard A. Sr. and Shirley Weston to Richard A. Weston Sr. and Richard A. Weston Jr., $31,500.

Westmoreland, 8 Berkshire Drive, Alpha Allbright to Richard Joseph Sr. and Susan Boylan, $79,900.

Westmoreland 4828 Creaser Road, Mitchell Lemaire and Anna Lemaire Weeks to Anna Weeks, $35,000.

Westmoreland 6819 Fairway Drive, Joanne M. Nassif and Kelli S. Bikowsky to Robert J. and Heather M. Shaffer, $195,517.

Westmoreland, 4961Jenkins Road, Shirley P. Witchley to Jeffrey C. Rotach and Angel M. Zakala, $149,000.

Westmoreland, Route 5, John P. and Anne Balio to David C. Peet, $47,000.

Westmoreland, 4863 Route 233, D. Enterprises, Inc. to Scott Morris, $120,000.

Westmoreland, 6151 Skinner Road, the Estate of Joseph O’Leary to Andrea M. Murray, $102,000.

Westmoreland, 6418 Skinner Road, Mark Siegfried to Corey A. Finster, $68,000.

Westmoreland, 6493 Skinner Road, Keith E. King to Bryant B. and Alicia M. Brown, $113,300.

Westmoreland, 4895 Tudman Road, Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Gina and Maria Properties, LLC, $20,000.

Whitesboro, 25 Bedford Drive, Lisa A. Garafalo to Kevin James and Evelyn Lester, $164,900.

Whitestown, 8698 Aitken Ave., the Estate of Lucy C. Montecallo to Robert Clemente, $40,000.

Whitestown, 2115 Caroline St., Church of the Sacred Heart of St. Mary to Julie Stark and Rory Butler, $90,000.

Whitestown, Cider St., Dean Burth to Christopher K. Burtch and Janice Nolander, $37,000.

Whitestown, 312 Clinton St., the Estate of Ruth T. Thrasher to Ellen Siebold, $124,900.

Whitestown, 20 Dudley Ave., the Estate of Sophie Zurakowski to Christopher Kantor, $82,000.

Whitestown, 27 Greenman Ave., Edwin R. Lebioda, administrator of the Estate of Ferdinand F. Lebioda, to Brian W. Carney, $20,000.

Whitestown, 2140 McBride Ave., Matthew Morreale and Miles Morreale to Michael Felitto III, $9,500.

Whitestown, 6411 Monument Road, John D. and Soona Y. Walker to Derek H. Weber and Anita Louise Sawyer, $249,000.

Whitestown, 23 Myers Ave., David J. and Mary Anne Esch to Susan M. Slivonik, $141,000.

Whitestown, 175 Oriskany Blvd., YCI, Inc., (Yorktown Casket, Inc.) to Adirondack Realty of Whitesboro, LLC, $125,000.

Whitestown, Lots 34-35 Slaytonbush Road, Santo Celia to Scott E. and Brandy E. Rowan, $45,000.

Yorkville, 2362 Douglas Ave., Julie Lewandowski to Robert M. Rewkowski, $89,500.

Yorkville, 700 Oriskany Blvd., Oneida Housing, Inc. to Antonio Cristiano, $170,000.

Yorkville, 9 Russell Ave., Marlene J. Kerley, attorney-in-fact for Marian Van Baasten, to Alfred V. and Florence Damiano, $42,000.