Politics to believe in

We believe our founders’ fervent understanding that power rests in the people, not government. We believe that government does not exist to impose one group’s will on others. We have learned that government often works poorly, costs more, divides citizens, leads to unintended consequences, and that government isn’t the answer to every problem. Government throwing other people’s money at problems seldom solves those problems and often makes them worse. When government causes problems, more government causes worse problems.

We believe that people should support themselves and that government’s responsibility is the least intrusive means of helping them learn how. We believe equal access to excellent education is the way to ensure equal opportunity for the poor who desire to improve their economic circumstance. Redistributing the wealth of others to attempt to solve such problems hides those problems without solving them, fosters class conflict, and postpones real solutions. Temporary assistance, paid for by a strong capitalist economy, can help transition those at risk, but greater redistribution reduces the incentive for everyone to work.

We believe that liberty has produced more equality than forcing equality of results — a practice that has impoverished more people than it has helped. Enforced equality invariably makes those in power more equal than others and creates a privileged political class prone to greed, graft, crime, and abuse. We believe Adam Smith’s abiding suspicion of anyone who claims special privilege or expertise. We believe in competition and the reduction of rules that inhibit it. We believe that lower taxes and lower tariffs are good for all Americans. Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt deepened and lengthened the Great Depression by increasing both. We believe your wealth belongs to you, not to someone who wins an election, and letting the Bush tax cuts expire would further empty the wallets of many American voters by dragging down the economy. A dollar put to work by anyone, rich or poor, increases economic velocity that improves everyone’s quality of life.

We believe that judges should interpret laws accurately and evenhandedly and that "fairness" is the job of legislators writing sound laws, not judges interpreting them.

We believe that although schools may succeed at teaching subjects, they often fail. Our children no longer learn to defend themselves against theatrical rhetoric. They no longer learn the real lessons of history that have been lost among the easily testable facts, and they no longer learn in economics what policies, like socialism, have never worked in practice and never will. We believe that education is a lifelong opportunity that is too important to be restricted by government.

We believe cultural diversity can survive and thrive in the same community and in the same world because all who choose to be civil share the simplest of threads of human decency that are worth protecting. We believe that ethics spring from those threads and stand independent of one religion or culture and that moral relativism is bankrupt and a dead legacy of the last century.

We believe in free speech. Period. The freedom to offend is essential to society, but does not imply the necessity to do so. We believe that journalism has failed and deserves the ultimate punishment of being laughed at. We believe that the idea of a shield law creates a special class of people unaccountable to anyone. The so-called "Fairness Doctrine" was a threat by the powerful to intimidate free speech. We believe that campaign finance reform has failed, and, whatever its intentions, some candidates interpret the rules to be what you can get away with. We believe anyone should be able to contribute whatever they want, but that every dollar contributed should be individually publicly recorded, that bundlers should be outlawed, and that foreign contributions should be refused.

We believe international cooperation is vital, uniting nations that value the vital threads of human decency. We believe that being popular is a poor substitute for understanding what is important and why. We believe that a strong defense is essential because there are people outside and inside America who would use any means to destroy those threads. We believe there are those who want to overwhelm our social institutions, using one set of American values to undermine others. Equality and fairness are pitted against liberty in economics, politics, and the press. We believe that intimidation is not a legitimate tool of politics and that card checks for union elections should be as secret as ballots on Election Day.

We believe there is plenty to be proud of in the American experience, and plenty more in that experience to learn from. But we are most proud of American humility, the core principle of American democracy that brightly lights our way to an even better future.

We believe you should be careful deciding for whom to vote. Avoid candidates who would have you give up your liberty for empty promises served on a platter.