Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Rome deeds

807 Calvert St., Carmen Scuderi to Lynn M. Coleman, $69,500 ($53,200).

801 1/2 Chatham St., Joseph and Kathleen Egitto to Joseph Erny, $93,000 ($70,000).

1206 Clinton St., Marie C. LeTray, f/k/a Marie C. Bassett, to Marie C. LeTray, Thomas VanDresar, Noelle Bassett Dupont and Amanda Bassett, $1 ($51,100).

816 Croton Ave., Robert Majucci to Michael R. Sorrell, $71,000 ($47,100).

220 E. Garden St., Philip S. Vinci and Anthony J. Vinci to Camille A. Vinci, $58,000 ($55,800).

103 E. Sycamore St., Steven M. Fogelman to Justin W. Marriott, $115,000 ($62,700).

261 Erie Blvd. E., Anthony V. Rubino to Kelly Marrello, $70,487.

741 Erie Blvd. W., City of Rome to 741 Erie Blvd. West LLC, $52,100 ($101,200).

752 Erie Blvd. W., John R. Melnick, James Melnick, Peter Melnick and Linda Bailey to Kenneth D. Light Jr., $45,000 ($50,200).

904-906 Erie Blvd. W. and 907 Calvert St., Pecoraro Dairy Products, Inc. to 904 Erie Boulevard of Rome, LLC, $1 ($140,300).

908-912 and 914 Erie Blvd. W., Cesare Pecoraro to 904 Erie Boulevard of Rome, LLC, $1 ($121,300).

303 Fairfax St., City of Rome to Kevin Bragman, $500 ($2,600).

4 Genesee Place, Philip A. and Marie C. LeTray, f/k/a Marie C. Bellinghausen, to Philip A. LeTray, Philip A. LeTray II and Danielle Wilcox, $30,000 ($44,200).

904 McKinley Ave., David and Theresa Bello to Justin A.C. Cianfrocco, $65,500 ($51,200).

513 Millbrook Road, Ivan J. and Germaine M. LeFevre to Ronald A. Barnett Jr., $66,780 ($44,900).

707 N. Jay St., Walter M. Safran Jr. to Stephen C. and Beverly R. Melioris, $70,000 ($63,700).

333 N. Levitt St., Larry W. Mason Sr. to Darby L. DeGroat, $42,000 ($35,600).

1408 N. Madison St., Gary and Barbara Clemens to David and Mary Jo Beach, $90,000 ($69,800).

6973 Oriskany Road, Thomas R. and Gail E. Nellenback to Buffie L. Brothers, $134,000.

7494 Oriskany Road, Dorothy R. Aubert to Daniel G. Aubert, $1 ($39,300).

527 S. George St., Lorraine M. LaBella, to Robert C. and Gloria C. Harney, $65,000 ($34,300)

614 S. George St., Frank W. Blockston Jr., Robert F. Blockston, Alexis M. Loomis to Dwayne W. and Mary Kay Metott, $48,000 ($54,000).

715-717 S. James St., City of Rome to Bradley G. Aldrich, $500 ($4,500).

723 S. James St., Richard H. Durant to Robert D. and Susanne M. Templar, $45,000 ($50,000).

1304 Schuyler St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Joseph and Amy Jacobsen, $74,000 ($63,000).

1316 Schuyler St., Jason P. and Lisa M. Evangelist, f/k/a Lisa M. Stirpe, to Sean Butler, $100,000 ($59,300).

7131 Taft Road, Ricardo J. Mauro, Esq., as referee, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $55,751 ($33,900).

7136 Taft Ave., James J. Catanzaro Jr., Lynne C. Catanzaro, as trustees for the Catanzaro Living Trust, to Deborah A. Witt, $50,000 ($42,000).

703 Turin St., Philip D. and Linda M. Desmarais to Craig R. and Julianne J. Baker, $154,000 ($71,800).

810 W. Bloomfield St., Michele D. Silliman to HSBC Bank USA, N.A., $58,386 ($65,200).

717-719 W. Embargo St., Luisa I. Borecky to Anthony Calcara, $77,500 ($45,000).

201 W. Garden St., Angelo J. and Dorothy L. Norelli to Nancy Gonzalez, $4,100 ($20,800).

407 W. Liberty St., Marilyn J. Moore, individually and as executrix of the estate of Fred F. Moore, to Woodrow Gullerat, $10,000 ($40,000).

916 W. Thomas St., John P. and Shannon M. DiBerardino to Jason P. and Lisa M. Evangelist, $148,000 ($55,000).

8340 W. Thomas St., Maroun Zeina to Gerald E. and Nadeine Webber, $73,000 ($57,800).

1004 Westbrook Drive, Debbra J. Young to Philip and Tammy Szala, $71,020 ($41,100).

422 William St., Robert and Elaine M. Nelson to Josh and Denise Halpern, $35,000 ($56,200).

7987 Winfield Circle, Joseph D. and Marie N. Malorzo to Roderick and Nadia Nettles, $186,000 ($90,600).

1018 Wood St., Susan O. Lamarche and Pamela O. Alessi to Ryan Kirch, $50,000 ($48,500).

Town deeds

Annsville, Depot Road and Bryant Road, G.W. Bryant Core Sands Inc. to Darwin I. and Florence E. Manley, $3,000.

Annsville, Lot 9, Long Beard Drive, Christmas and Associates, Inc. to Adam K. Brown, Anthony H. LoCicero III, Jonathan C. Pasco and Joshua A. Bain, $16,900.

Annsville, 4242 MacFarland Road, Christine S. Ranke to Brian R. Norris and Doreen L. Hughes, $135,000.

Ava, 6022 Meadow Drive, David M. Gubbins to Brent W. Holmes, $5,000.

Blossvale, 3210 Old Route 49, Richard A. Cohen, Esq., as referee for Patricia Schuff, to GreenTree Credit LLC, $67,534.

Boonville, Kolasa Road, Iva M. Croniser to Carl and Angela Martin, $42,000.

Camden, Curtiss Road, Stephen and Caren Curtiss to Kildare Forestry and Farm, $30,000.

Camden, 14 Liberty St., Jeffrey T. Oatman and Wayne R. Bristol to Albert H. Snyder, $51,500.

Camden, 45 Liberty St., Thomas White to Jerrold G. Clemens Jr., $13,000.

Camden, Route 13, Emma A. Mickel to Harry J. and Nancy B. Dunn, $5,360.

Camden, 75 Third St., Ricahrd F. Wallace and James B. Dence to Christopher G. Cox, $80,000.

Florence, 11567 Kennedy Meier Road, Charles H. Jr. and Cynthia M. Maret to James W. and Rosalie A. Kennedy, $7,000.

Florence, Salisbury Road, Loomis Creek Camp, LLC and Christmas Forestry to L. Martira, LLC, $107,917.

Floyd, 7343 Charles Road, Tremaine J. and Judith H. McArthur to Karl A. Yeates, $144,000.

Floyd, 8618 Kotary Road, Andrew C. Crossley to Vicki O’Neill, $240,000.

Floyd, Route 365, Frank P. Sr. and Mary A. Mierek to Richard J. and Cecelia C. Jennings, $12,000.

Forestport, 11887 Dutch Hill Road, Raymond N. Ingraham Sr. to Theoria Johnson, $44,000.

Forestport, 10726 North Lake Road, Charles M. and Grace M. Potter to Nathan S. and Ingrid K. Eckhart, $100,000.

Forestport, 6071 White Lake Road, Mark J. LaPlante, executor of the Estate of Eileen E. LaPlante, to Louis Sowich, $57,000.

Lee, 5412 Streun Road, John R. and Terry L. Stroude to Rodney L. Parmley and Marie P. Heylen, $167,500.

North Bay, 2122 Route 49, Thomas R. Kennedy to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $42,954.

Oneida Castle, 88 W. Ninth St., Jacqueline Ginter to Deborah A. Fiore, $119,500.

Sherrill, 112 Betsinger Road, Judith Hudson to Matthew and Valerie Haley, $88,400.

Sherrill, 218 E. Campbell Ave., Gary E. Jr. and Cynthia S. Lohr to richard A. and Sara L. Furlong, $150,000.

Sherrill, 213 E. Hamilton Ave., Linda Cossitt to Desiree L. Cossitt-Davis and Jeromie R. Davis, $80,000.

Sherrill, 291 E. Seneca St., Jerry L. and Jo Ann Deshane to Gail E. and Howard L. Marsh Jr., $140,000.

Sherrill, 203 Prospect St., Oneida Ltd. to Christopher R. and Melissa O. Cousin, $4,775.

Sherrill, 314 Wayland St., Judith C. Warren, Lisa M. Casler, Michael F. Casler, Daniel W. Casler, Donald C. Casler to Eric E. and Amber Boice, $120,575.

Steuben, 9517 Sixty Road, the Estate of George O. Jones to Brian A. and Carol A. Esch, $116,000.

Trenton, Church St., Donald J. and Eileen G. Luley to the Village of Barneveld, $2,000.

Trenton, Mapledale Road and Route 12, Greg A. Urbanik, Donald B. Lenczewski, Diane R. Lenczewski, Renay Bevins-Pence, Regina M. Boyer, Alesia A. Desgrosiellier, Joseph F. Urbanik, Edmund F. Urbanik, Anne M. Urbanik to Route 12 Property LLC, $325,000.

Trenton, 7778 Park Ave., John J. and Anna Marie Barnes to Kimberlee Pratt, $93,000.

Trenton, Parker Hollow Road, S&D Mountain Properties Inc. to Kevin and Sarah Reilly, $70,000.

Trenton, Route 12, Edward S. Hinge to Carbone Properties, LLC, $100,000.

Vernon, 3 Castle St., the A. David Scoones Sr. Revocable Living Trust to Daniel M. and Nico Ann Willey, $75,000.

Vernon, 4058 Churton Road, Nancy A. Johnson, as executrix of the Estate of Helen A. Glynn, to James E. Glynn, $39,000.

Vernon, 6 N. Sconondoa St., Charles M. Dunning to Christopher A. Leonesio, $74,800.

Vernon, 4433 Peterboro St., Oneida Savings Bank to Mark E. Metzger, $135,600.

Vernon, 5148 Route 5, the Estate of Edward F. Creedon to Charles M. Dunning, $127,500.

Vernon, 4024 Route 26, Carlos Vargas to SIRVA Relocation Credit, LLC, $150,500.

Vernon, 4024 Route 26, SIRVA Relocation Credit, LLC to Lori Hinman and Michael Olsen, $148,500.

Vernon, 4525 Verona St., Michael G. Putter, as referee for Dawn M. Raymond, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $89,250.

Vernon, 322 W. Hamilton Ave., Sue A. Blair to Aaron A. and Sarah L. Linder, $128,000.

Verona, 5619 Eastwood Drive, Carmen J. Valvo, as referee for Robert H. Dunn Jr. and Earl Leroy Dunn, heirs to the Estate of Robert H. Dunn, to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $56,403.

Verona, 3809 Foster Corners Road, Rose Luce to Karen Nixon, $185,000.

Verona, 5634 Greenfield Road, Michael T. Connelly to Brodi L. Hugunine, $44,000.

Verona, 6894 Greenway Road, James H. and Tammy Jo Ayers to William M. Bravick, $96,900.

Verona, 5665 Irish Ridge Road, the Estate of John R. Miller to John Hluska, $85,000.

Verona, 4747 Joslyn road, Mary Ellen Jones to BM Taylor Holdings, Inc., $12,000.

Verona, 6364 Lake Shore Road South, Thomas L. Ripley and Sandra G. Wettingfeld to Marion E. and Robert H. Scibior, $178,000.

Verona, 5351 Main St., Peter J. Pfeifer to Earl C. and Julia F. Wells, $124,900.

Verona, 4982 Route 365, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to JOhn Ellsnik, $42,831.

Vienna, 405 19th St., Jon Hluska to Aric Eberly, $77,600.

Vienna, 7744 Higginsville Road, Donald Brondou to Michael McDaniels, $92,000.

Vienna, 7444 Lake St., Rhonda Weigand to Timothy R. Swayze, $87,000.

Vienna, 1904 Main St., Sherry H. Britton-Mills to David Organisciak, $47,000.

Vienna, McConnellsville Road, Harden Furniture, Inc. to Christmas and Associates, Inc., $55,000.

Vienna, Lot 4, McConnellsville-Blossvale Road, Christmas and Associates, Inc. to Eric G. and Denise M. Solon, $39,900.

Vienna, Lot 5, McConnellsville-Blossvale Road, Christmas and Associates, Inc., to John W. and R osa D. Winder, $59,900.

Vienna, 7340 Route 13, Matthew Glod to James W. Blaisure and Linda M. King, $24,400.

Vienna, 1375 Route 49, Russell L. Loomis to Duane J. Jr. and Ida L. Fox, $55,000.

Vienna, 1420 Vienna Road, William B. Claridge to Mark and Heather Day, $49,900.

Vienna, Waterview Drive, Darlene M. Deeley to Jacob H. Hewitt, $5,000.

Westmoreland, 14 Berkshire Drive, Victor F. and Donna Cardillo to the Town of Westmoreland, $151,380.

Westmoreland, 5090 Eureka Road, Mark D. and Joan M. Mathis to Jeffrey L. Mathis and Amber K. Mathis-Jaeger, $179,000.

Westmoreland, 5327 Eureka Road, Kenneth Todd and Kathleen Lynn Edwards to Joseph A. and Bethany L. Truax, $155,500.

Westmoreland, 6864 O’Brien Road, Patricia L. Brown and Debra A. Owens to Jeremy P. Ferdinand, $64,500.

Whitestown, 1 Airport Road, Robert Brauch to Scott Lyne, $21,000.

Whitestown, 20 Clyne Place, C. Michael Hulland to Nicol M. Arcuri, $80,900.

Whitestown, 10 DeLamarter St., Mary G. Motto, Mary A. Maitino and Ralph A. Aceti, as trustees of the Mary G. Motto Revocable Trust, to Ryun Dapre, $69,300.

Whitestown, 7 Flagg St., Daniel R. and Anna T. Tobiasz to Gregory Perez, $12,500.

Whitestown, 9 Glendale Place, Thomas H. and Adrienne L. Blaszak to Matthew Renodin, $99,216.

Whitestown, 2 Hart St., Kyungseok Choo to Esther T. Donnenwirth, $178,000.

Whitestown, 14 Main St., Mary Cirasuolo, Gary Cirasuolo, Constantira Cirasuolo, Jo Ann McCall, and Anna May Grossi to James Miglia, $55,000.

Whitestown, 195 Main St., John Warner Jr. and Katherine Kirk to Scott Alber and Natasha Phelps, $139,000.

Whitestown, 51 Montrose Ave., Richard W. and Karen Burton to David Billings, $130,000.

Whitestown, 5 Mulberry Court, Eric Celia to Lewis Custom Homes, Inc., $43,500.

Whitestown, North Street, the Estate of Happy Acee to Lawrence Shepherd, $1,500.

Whitestown, 124 Paradise Lane, Thomas J. and Lori S. Lake to Thomas and Marie Fenton, $37,000.

Whitestown, 6764 Sutliff Road, Paula Granza to Yvonne Walseman, $42,600.

Yorkville, 20 Main St., Richard A. Waskiewicz, individually and as executor of the Estate of Helen A. Waskiewicz, to Yorkville Apartments, LLC, $50,400.

Yorkville, 2214 Sinclair Ave., Tonia Marrero to Tracy A. Reece, $61,900.

Yorkville, 1011 Tabor Place, Secretary of Housing and Urban Deveopment to John Pisarek, $25,200.