Lab building to be named for Boehlert

A building at the Air Force Research Lab at Griffiss will be named for a retired congressman.

Rep. Michael A. Arcuri and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced that Building #3 at the lab will be formally named the "Sherwood Boehlert Center of Excellence for Information Science and Technology."

There will be a formal ceremony hosted by the Air Force at 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Clinton and Arcuri will attend the ceremony, as will Boehlert and his wife Marianne, according to Arcuri’s spokeswoman, Marion Read.

"Sherry Boehlert fought aggressively on behalf of our local defense facilities throughout his entire career," Arcuri said. "Naming this building after Sherry is a testament to his character and work ethic. I’m honored to have worked with Senator Clinton, to pay tribute to Sherry for his efforts to improve, expand and promote Rome Lab’s presence within the Air Force and throughout Upstate New York."

Boehlert, 71, retired in 2006 after 23 years representing central New York in the House of Representatives. The Republican moved from New Hartford to Delaware after leaving office. Arcuri replaced him in 2007.

"Sherry Boehlert is a good friend, a cherished colleague, and was a true leader in our fight to help protect AFRL Rome during the BRAC process in 2005," said Clinton. "Naming this building in Sherry’s honor is a fitting tribute to a man who is not only responsible for helping to keep this facility open, but who has also worked to build a strong partnership between the Air Force and AFRL Rome. I am grateful to have been able join Congressman Arcuri in recognizing Sherry’s efforts to promote the success of this facility and its importance to the region and the State."

Boehlert helped to obtain the federal funds to construction Building #3. He also fought to keep the lab and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service office from being closed by the federal Base Realignment and Closure Commission, which did succeed in closing Griffiss Air Force Base.

The loss of the base in 1995 cost the area about 5,000 military and civilian jobs.

Aready named for Boehlert is the Utica trailn station, and a building at Utica College, from which Boehlert graduated.