From across the world, now they are Americans

There are 45 new Americans in the upper Mohawk Valley following Naturalization Court ceremonies Friday.

The new citizens hail from 15 counties, including Afghanistan, Ecuador, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Cambodia. Most of them now live in Utica with the others residing in Rome, Deerfield, New Hartford, New York Mills, Whitestown and Frankfort.

Utica Mayor David R. Roefaro spoke to the group in the Legislative Chambers at the Oneida County Office Building. State Supreme Court Justice Norman I. Siegel officiated. A reception hosted by the General William Floyd Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, followed the program.

Here’s who the new citizens are, where they came from and where they now live:

Medardo Gilmer Alcivar Vinces, Ecuador, Utica.

Inna Andronovich, Belarus, Deerfield.

Christina Gener Aranda, Philippines, New Hartford.

Fauzia Azimi, Afghanistan, Utica.

Enisa Bajrektarevic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Ejub Bojadzija, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Valentina Bondarchuk, Belarus, Frankfort.

Vladimir Bondarchuk, Belarus, Frankfort.

Paulina Mbeneka Brager, Kenya, Rome.

Sarann Chea, Cambodia, Utica.

Nataliya Mikhailivna Chystyakova, Ukraine, Rome.

Luciana Coluccio, Italy, Utica.

Suad Dautovic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Melisa Dervisevic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Dzevad Dizdarevic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Mirjana Dizdarevic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Fatima Gracanin, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Whitesboro.

Ismet Gracanin, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Whitesboro.

Nicholas Seymour Green, Jamaica, Utica.

Emina Hodzic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Sifet Huskic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Dmitriy Korzo, Russia, New York Mills.

Tamara Kutsar, Belarus, Utica.

Mylene Resma Lindo, Philippines, Rome.

Valentina Vladimirovna Lisova, Russia, Utica.

Fuada Mekanic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Mersad Mekanic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Emir Mirvic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica..

Semira Nuhanovic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Farhad Opiani, Afghanistan, Utica.

Shireen Opiani, Afghanistan, Utica.

Nermin Pazara, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Viktor Ivonovich Petrovets, Belarus, Utica.

Vu Ngoc Pham, Vietnam, Utica.

Suad Ponjevic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

John Hassan Razai, Afghanistan, Utica.

Andrey Shikula, Belarus, Utica.

Victor Solano Diaz, Dominican Republic, Utica.

Zilha Sutkovicm Bosnia-Herzegovina, Utica.

Amina Tanveer, Afghanistan, Utica.

Salima Tanveer, Afghanistan, Utica.

Suu Viet Tran, Laos, Utica.

Igor Turlak, Ukraine, Utica.

Larisa Turlak, Ukraine, Utica.

The county clerk’s office has been naturalizing citizens since 1807 and currently holds four ceremonies a year.