Roman with drug history among 15 nabbed in ‘Operation Blackjack’

Antwan Lockhart

A Rome man with a repeat history of transporting drugs from New York City to upstate was one of 15 people indicted in a $500,000 drug bust Wednesday.

Known as ‘Operation Blackjack’, the state attorney general’s office cracked down on two drug dealers accused of buying cocaine from suppliers in the Bronx and then transporting it by car to Oneida, Madison, Oswego and Onondaga counties. The two men would then sell the drugs to several mid-level dealers, authorities said. Seized in the bust was 12 pounds of cocaine, worth $500,000, one pound of marijuana, four guns, two vehicles, ammunition and $26,000 cash, according to Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo.

"The impact of illegal drugs and guns on our communities is extensive and widespread," said Cuomo in a press release. "It is the goal of my Upstate Guns, Gangs, and Drugs Initiative to intercept the flow of drugs before they infect our neighborhoods. The recent takedown of several drug rings throughout Central and Upstate New York in past months proves that our formula of partnering with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies is a successful model."

An indictment is a formal charge made against a person by a grand jury. It does not establish guilt or remove the presumption of innocence.

The two ring leaders are Antwan Lockhart, 22, with a last known address of North Jay Street, and Edward N. Lockhart, 30, with a last known address of Caughenoy Road, Hastings in Oswego County, authorities stated. The two men are not related.

Antwan Lockhart was arrested during one of his trips on Dec. 23 on Route 81 in Tully, Cuomo said. About 4.5 pounds of cocaine was seized from his vehicle, and nearly three pounds from his stash house and another vehicle on Midler Avenue in Syracuse. Lockhart pleaded guilty to third-degree possession of a controlled substance, and is serving nine years in prison at the Coxsackie state prison. Police said Lockhart was also arrested on the Thruway in the Town of Dewitt on April 5, 2007, transporting two kilograms of powdered cocaine, worth $80,000, and seven ounces of crack cocaine, worth $10,000. Lockhart, who was living in Oneida at the time, was also found with a loaded handgun and more than $50,000 cash.

Also indicted were Luis Abreu, 33, of Pennsylvania; Ralston Avery, 29, of Brooklyn; Katy Campbell, 20, of Canastota; Faniel Denis, 28, of Canastota; Harmon Feaggins, 22, of the Bronx; Ronnie Golden, 28, of Syracuse; Marton Davis, 29, of Syracuse; Osbie McClain, 24, of Syracuse; Taurean Poole, 23, of Clay; Kamisha Rashad, 22, of Syracuse; Adib Sarakby, 53, of Baldwinsville; Titus Stewart, 36, of Syracuse; and Robert Wade, 20, of the Bronx.

Authorities said they are all charged with some form of drug possession and face multiple years in state prison; and 14 of the 15 are charged with second-degree conspiracy and face a maximum of 25 years.