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Under financial water, Nirvana put on auction block by bankruptcy judge

County BOONVILLE — Nirvana Inc., which bottles spring water off of Route 12 south of the village, is on the auction block. A Bankruptcy Court judge has set an Oct. 9 bid deadline for potential buyers who are interested in bidding for the firm’s bottling and production facilities, according to documents filed by the court. Nirvana and affiliates Millers Wood Development, Nirvana... 4:00pm 08/04/15

Boonville’s water voted best tasting; regional competition on tap

County The Village of Boonville has won the 2015 Best Tasting Drinking Water Taste Test Contest held at the Boonville-Oneida County Fair on Thursday, the Oneida County Health Department announced. The contest promotes awareness of the value of public drinking water to the public. The contest has been held throughout New York State for the past 20 years. Its goal is to enable the... 4:00pm 08/04/15