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GroSolar continues with plans for Oneida solar array

County ONEIDA — SoIar power is coming to Oneida, and it is just a matter of the right time and the right place. Legal issues have delayed construction on a planned solar array near the Baker Reservoir in Oneida Heights, but the partnership between the city of Oneida and Vermont-based company groSolar will continue. On July 27, attorney Kevin Hunt filed suit on behalf of 30 Oneida... 4:00pm 10/12/15

Defendant claims brother shot, killed woman outside Rome bar

Public Safety Murder suspect Darnell D. Howard proclaimed his innocence in County Court this morning and instead fingered his “baby brother” as the gunman who shot and killed Rose G. Oritz. Howard also admitted to lying to police to protect the 22-year-old Terrell Howard. “When I got to the driver side of my car, I heard a shot go off. I ducked and grabbed the driver side door of my car,”... 11:42am 10/13/15