TIME TO RENEW — Madison County officials are urging handgun owners to renew permits by Jan. 31. The county estimates over 5,000 pistol owners in the county could lose their licenses under New York’s SAFE Act if they fail to renew by that date. (Photo submitted)

Madison County warns pistol permit holders time running out to recertify

Published Jan 11, 2018 at 4:00pm

Madison County Clerk Mike Keville and Sheriff Todd Hood are urging pistol permit holders to recertify their permits by Jan. 31.

Pistol owners with legal permits issued prior to that date are required to complete a recertification with the New York State Police. Failure to recertify by Jan. 31 may result in the pistol license being revoked. If the permit was issued before Jan. 15, 2013, the deadline to recertify is Jan. 31. If the permit was issued on or after Jan. 13, 2015, the deadline is five years after the permit was issued.

The following links may be used to recertify with the New York State Police. The online recertification link is firearms.troopers.ny.gov/pprecert/welcome.faces. The paper form recertification link, which may be turned in to the state police, may be found at www.troopers.ny.gov/Firearms.

Updating a pistol license to the plastic cards issued by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office will not fulfill the recertification requirement with the state police.

The sheriff’s office has made pistol permits accessible at the sheriff’s pistol permit webpage located at    www.madisoncounty.ny.gov/1494/Pistol-Permits. 

The website has detailed instructions on how to obtain a pistol permit, who is eligible to apply and how to add or delete a handgun.

There are also downloadable forms to transfer a handgun, co-register a handgun and to request exemption from public records. If anyone has any questions they can still call the pistol permit office at 315-366-2406 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m.-noon and from 1-4 p.m.   

SAFE Act gun ownership facts

The recertification requirement is part of the New York State Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, and will take effect on Feb. 1. The act was signed into law by state Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo Jan. 15, 2013.

The act was passed, 43-18, in the state senate and 104-43, in the state assembly. The law was in response to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and an incident in Webster where an arsonist shot and killed two firefighters. Both incidents occurred in December 2012.

The act requires handgun permit owners to be recertified every five years. There is no cost to recertify, although certain county fees may apply. Owners of suspended permits may not recertify. It is the individual permit holder’s responsibility to recertify, whether they have received a notification letter or not.

Keville said that 2,172 of the 7,389 pistol permit holders in Madison County, who received their license prior to Jan. 15, 2013, have re-certified in accordance with state law. This amounts to over 5,000 pistol permit owners in Madison County who need to recertify.