We need Brindisi to represent us in Congress

Published Sep 15, 2018 at 4:00pm

In February of 2017, I attended a Town Hall meeting in Rome that was hosted by Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi. A Rome resident questioned him and accused him of being a rubber stamp for Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Brindisi immediately responded by saying that his first allegiance was to his constituents and that he had no problem confronting the governor when legislation was proposed that did not benefit his constituents and the people of New York State.

At that point I knew that we needed Brindisi for more than just local representation. We needed him in Washington as our advocate and our spokesperson. Brindisi has shown he can work with anyone to get things done for our area, and he’ll continue to do that in Washington. We have many elected Republican officials from our area in important offices. Brindisi has worked with them on issues such as school funding, high tech manufacturing, apprenticeship and training programs, and economic development.

In contrast, Tenney has difficulty working with both her colleagues and her constituents. The fact that she has had so few accomplishments in the Assembly or Congress makes me question her presence there. And then there are her fear-inducing statements demeaning Democrats and endorsing conspiracy theories. While so many in our area are working together for progress, Tenney wants to foster the division between us. We need someone in Congress like Brindisi who respects all voters and will work with anyone who wants this to be a better place to live.

Over the past few months, I and many others have canvassed in our community on behalf of Anthony. It has been encouraging to realize that so many of you, in the upcoming November elections, intend to vote your conscience, and not your party line.

— Linda S. Carlson, Rome