Vulnerable people deserve better

Published Nov 18, 2017 at 4:00pm

To the Editor:

The recent publicity about a group home in Rome where a resident was found with an infestation of maggots in his throat, and the job terminations and felony indictments of two caretakers at a Webster, N.Y., group home for allegedly causing the death of a resident by rough treatment are reminders of the need for reforms.

They are needed not just in group homes for developmentally disabled and severely physically handicapped persons, but also at nursing homes, Veterans Administration and state hospitals, and other places caring for vulnerable people.

Otherwise, widespread abuse and neglect of care-dependent people will continue to be undetected, unreported or covered up.

Camera surveillance would not only help prevent and detect maltreatment and motivate caregivers to always perform their responsibilities to the best of their abilities, it would also help protect caregivers from false accusations of wrongdoing.

— Joel Freedman, Canandaigua