Unhappy with fireworks decision

Published Jul 13, 2017 at 4:00pm

Thank you county legislators. One week after July 4th I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful decision to make certain kinds of fireworks legal. I’m sure that when you passed this that you took all of the potential problems and hazards into account.

I hope you make enough from sales tax revenue to make it all worth while.

Were you aware that more dogs run away on the 4th than any other day? Every person that I spoke to that had a dog spent the whole night consoling their dog. I’m sure that the local police departments appreciated all the extra work you gave them.

I know on the 4th that they were on my street at least three times when fireworks were being set off right in the middle of the street. I wonder how many injuries and burns were suffered by the sales tax revenue that you created. How many of our veterans had flashbacks and were on edge because of “your fireworks”? To the uninformed, you’d be surprised how much a firework can sound like a RPG.

I hope the next time something like this comes across your desks, that you consider all consequences and just don’t think about a few dollars. Also, maybe check with your constituents to see how the people that elected you feel.

— Tim Hurley,

604 W. Embargo St.