Time to focus on Rome

Published Apr 27, 2017 at 4:00pm

Reading the various local newspapers it makes you wonder if the Rome area is considered part of Oneida County.  

It appears that Mr. Picente (County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr.) is working diligently to promote Utica. I understand that Mr. Picente resides in our city, yet we are lacking in many things compared to Utica. Promoting the canal isn’t providing retail businesses and I, for one, am tired of shopping and spending my money in New Hartford instead of my hometown. Wal Mart and JC Penney have nothing to offer as far as choices.

What seems to be the problem that no one wants to locate here?

Our city has become a one-horse town and the taxes are out of sight for what we have here. Most people I’ve spoken with would love a Christmas Tree Shop as well as retail outlets stores located in East Rome where dilapidated buildings are still standing. If we are going to rely on the canal for prosperity, it’s time to have something to offer.

Our politicians need to focus and start including Rome in their plans to boost our economy. It’s time to consider our area in the big picture and not consider us “chopped liver.”

­— Kathleen A. Murphy,

1404 Franklyn St.