Stealing political signs destroys our sense of trust

Published Nov 7, 2018 at 4:00pm

While the national political scene is quite hectic and divisive, we as a community must not be if we expect to succeed as a community. We should be able to cooperate and trust each other regardless of political affiliation, religion, or other differences.

However, some in our community are attempting to destroy the sense of trust in the Rome community by stealing political signs from their neighbor’s yards. While this may seem a petty prank, it causes distrust and suspicion and will do nothing but weaken the ties within our community. This should not be something to promote or participate in no matter the political affiliation of the individuals!

Do we want a community that comes together in times of trouble and need, or one that separates into factions? My family and I are Republicans. However, we have many family and friends who are Democrats. This does not divide us, but instead should enliven us to attempt an understanding of the differences in these two approaches to politics and society.

Both sides want the same things: Success for the entire country and its individual citizens, they simply have different ideas of how to achieve this, and betraying each others trust by stealing political signs will help neither side or the community.

While away serving my country in the Army Reserve last weekend, someone stole my family’s sign in support of Claudia Tenney. If not bad enough, when we replaced the sign on Monday, it was replaced by an Anthony Brindisi sign overnight. Now, we do not dislike Anthony Brindisi or his supporters and, indeed are glad he is attempting to be elected to serve the country. However, the theft of our signs is an attempt by someone to cause hate and suspicion of Mr. Brindisi’s supporters!

This will not happen, and we will still be supportive of him if he is elected, for his, or Claudia Tenney’s failure while in national office will only be the failure of us all. We must support whomever is elected, for it makes no sense to wish the captain or crew of the ship we are all on to fail, thus dooming us all to failure. Therefore, I encourage the community of Rome, the State of New York, and the country as a whole to stop the divisiveness, come together, and support their elected officials at all levels of government for the good of us all.

— Dr. Benjamin P. Carlson, Rome