Save District Tutorial Center

Published Apr 12, 2017 at 4:00pm

I am writing in support of the Rome School District Tutorial Center. I am a retired Rome school counselor. My husband, a “retired” special education teacher, has taught at the center for several years.

Since 2004, the Rome Tutorial Center has served as a safety net for thousands of our most vulnerable students. It has greatly improved their chances of successfully completing their high school education. Doesn’t this fact improve their chances to succeed in the future and become productive citizens? I sn’t that the ultimate purpose of education?

As a Rome taxpayer, I am in tune to the need for fiscal responsibility. But instead of scrapping the program, which is what was recommended by the district and board, why not seek a less expensive site? Perhaps negotiations with transportation providers could yield some savings.
I am perplexed at the apparent pre-conceived bias against the center that this superintendent seems to hold. Have there been proposals to eliminate the tutoring program for athletes to keep them eligible for sports? All of our students deserve every opportunity to reach their goals. I recommend that the decision-makers return to the drawing board and take a fresh look. Perhaps administrators from the Tutorial Center could become part of the conversation.

It is my professional opinion that these students require a centralized program which can meet their varied and unique needs. It is also the most efficient and comprehensive approach. Assigning the students to a variety of undetermined existing tutoring programs is irresponsible and a recipe for failure. The district has no real plan.

These students are someone’s sons and daughters, siblings and friends. They deserve the best change at life that we can give them. I will vote no on any school budget that has eliminated one of the best opportunities for these students to complete their high school education. I urge you to do the same.

— Sally Myhr, 712 N. James St.