Rep. Tenney should stay the course

Published Aug 1, 2017 at 4:00pm

This is a response to a letter you printed in the July 28 edition. The writer complained about the telephone town hall Rep. Claudia Tenney hosted several days ago. He said he had received no advance notice, and didn’t get to ask a question. There was plenty of notice on Rep. Tenney’s website, and for those on her e-mail list. The writer might want to consider signing up for it. That way, he would also receive notice of the in-person coffee get-togethers she has been hosting.

The writer also demanded to know why Rep. Tenney has been reluctant to hold a live “town hall” style event. I think I can field this one. There is an organized effort in the Democratic party to goad representatives into hosting town halls, then showing up at them in force, asking accusatory questions, and shouting down the answers. I suppose it is all part of the “Resistance.” Those who wish to know more about it should do a web search on “Town Hall Project” and “Indivisibles.” A fair and civil exchange between representatives and their constituents is a good thing; guerrilla theater is not. Rep. Tenney is doing a fine job in Washington and in reaching out to her constituents. She should stay the course.

— Robert Fitzgibbon, 1503 N. Madison St.