New Utica hospital would increase property taxes

Published Jun 4, 2016 at 4:00pm

A tax increase for all Oneida County residents. That’s what a proposed fourth hospital in Utica spells for all Oneida County residents, which is a negative.

When you remove parcels of land, mostly commercial, from the Oneida County tax roles, and now have a smaller tax base, thou must raise the taxes on all the remaining taxable properties in Oneida County.

That would be the only way that the city and county could balance their budgets. What effect does this have on all the fixed-income senior citizens?

Neither the politicians nor the hospital selection committee have mentioned any negative such as the loss of sales tax revenue, and county, city and school tax revenue. We need the tax revenue loss publicized. So, what are the positives again?

— Paul Tuzzolino,

1230 Greenview Drive, Utica.