LaGreco will fight for Third Ward

Published Nov 1, 2017 at 4:00pm

My name is Angela Barone Petty and I was the Third Ward councilor for many years. During that time I met the LaGreco family who reside in South Rome. The family was very devoted to South Rome and it was not unusual to find me at their home seeking input on any given situation. They gave me ideas that led to improvement of the quality of life for that area and the City of Rome in general. Sheri LaGreco, one of the daughters, always gave me practical and useful input regarding an issue. 

I am pleased to learn that Sheri is running for the Third Ward councilor for the City of Rome and is a good candidate for the position. Sheri has a positive can do attitude and is also a fighter in what she believes in. These qualities will serve her well in the position she seeks. I encourage Third Ward voters to support Sheri in her quest for this position come election day. She has my support.

— Angela Petty, Rome