If you don’t speak up, don’t complain

Published Mar 7, 2017 at 4:00pm

According to the letter submitted by Guy Martin in the newspaper on March 3, one would think that the school board works for the taxpayer. Think again! No one seems to care and most people know I have been an advocate for the taxpayers regarding our school district.

People complain about our school district, however they do not attend meetings to voice opposition and have more excuses than you can imagine....if you don’t want to speak up, than don’t complain. Taxes have to be cut as cost-of-living raises are minimal. Maybe after the STAR Program suddenly disappears as nothing is carved in stone, the complainers will wake up and speak up. The only people earning a decent living are those who come up with grandiose ideas and are using “our” checkbook.

— Kathleen A. Murphy,

1404 Franklyn St.