Hennessy has experience for job

Published Nov 1, 2017 at 4:00pm

Mike Hennessy is the best choice to represent the people of the Oneida County Legislative District 1. I have known Mike for over 20 years.

First and foremost, he is an honest person.

I am impressed with his direct and open answers regarding his positions on all issues. I am equally impressed that Mike listens to the concerns of his constituents.

He goes door to door to meet residents, to listen to our issues in order to best serve. As a resident of Oneida Castle, I have a major concern with the need for sewers.

Mike is aware of the problem and is looking for a real solution. I have faith in him because Mike has proven to be a leader who is a fighter and a leader who gets results. Under his leadership the first Rural Planner was instituted, a satellite County Clerk office was housed in Sherrill (which has since closed) and Town meetings were held.  

His stance and position on specific issues has proven that Mike’s priority is the people of his district. Having known him for many years, I have directly witnessed the long hours he devotes and the tenacity he displays when fighting for the people he represents.

Mike’s support of Vernon Downs and his leadership regarding the OIN reimbursement to our localities are just 2 examples.

Mike has the experience needed having previously served as minority leader in the Oneida County legislature and as a Sherrill City commissioner. As a successful financial advisor and small business owner Mike has the knowledge, training, and expertise to handle the matters that are crucial for understanding government budgets and finances. During his term he was ranked 3 times the most fiscally responsible member of the legislature.

I strongly urge all the voters in Oneida County District 1 to vote for Michael Hennessy as our County Legislator. We need a strong, independent voice for the residents of this area and Mike is that person. 

— Katherine Wojciechowski, Oneida Castle