Giruzzi-Mosca stands up for kids children

Published Oct 31, 2017 at 4:00pm

I write to support Julie Giruzzi - Mosca for Oneida County Family Court judge.  

I’ve had sufficient opportunity to hear both candidates and to make a reasonable, informed choice.

I find Ms. Giruzzi-Mosca to be solid and consistent.
She does one thing and, in my view, does it better than any other candidate for Family Court judge.  
She stands up for children.
Her only focus for almost two decades has been Family Court.
She has dedicated herself exclusively to protecting children and mending families longer than anyone else running
Julie has not diverged into any other area of law.
Her mindset is protecting kids.

As a foster parent who has adopte d a sibling group of four, I feel Julie is the best person for the job.
Julie Giruzzi - Mosca has trained for the position of Family Court judge for seventeen years.
She appears to be even-tempered even as she is relentless in her commitment to children.
Experience alone convinces me that Julie Giruzzi-Mosca is the better choice for Family Court judge.  

— MaryJo Kirk, Rome