Free speech and press go hand in hand

Published Aug 10, 2018 at 4:00pm

I found irony in the Sentinel editorial “Thoughts on political instigation” published 8/7 and shared by a friend on social media where I saw it. 

You wonder were these flyers distributed around Rome legitimately recruiting KKK members or were they just designed to stir up trouble? The answer: What difference does it make? They were hate-filled and it is never a good idea to ignore hate. If it was the KKK, they need to be on alert that Rome is not a community that will respond well to it. If they were planted to stir emotions by reminding people that the KKK does still exist, and there are powerful people who condone the group, that too, says a lot. 

And then the editorial comments on a New York Times editorial board appointment with “a long history of overboard tweets.” Are you kidding? The entire board of the NYT could be tweeters and never come close to matching Trump in the world of overboard Twitter.

Yes, free speech is important and not illegal even when it is hateful. But anyone who finds it hateful must speak up lest the message be one of condoning it.

Free speech and freedom of the press go hand in hand in a democracy. That’s what makes our country better than Putin’s. 

— Susan Eilenberg,

Jensen Beach, Fla.