Don’t rush to judgement on Father Paul Angelicchio

Published Dec 16, 2016 at 4:00pm

Today, there are so many rapid sources of “data,” opinions and misinformation.

My concern is to determine what is true and what is potentially dangerous. I am old enough to remember the cartoon that announced the death of Babe Ruth. Pictured was a young paperboy in tears stuffing the paper with the news of the Bab’s death into the trash. Ruth was a baseball icon hero, and the young boy could not bear the news.

Recently, the Sentinel reported on Father Paul Angelicchio’s leave of absence from ministry. I pray that there is no rush to judgment. The news release underlined that the “allegation has not been substantiated.” This fact needs to be repeated because according to the directives of the Roman Catholic bishops the Church needs to take action.

Unfortunately, in these cases, you are guilty until proven innocent. Tbhis means there needs to be a time for study. This also means that we need to pray for justice in this matter and for the good reputation of our pastor.

Father Paul has served as a priest for 39 years and has been a pastor in two locations before coming to Rome. His commitment to the Church is unquestionable. His life and spirit in ministry are real signs of joy that reside in his heart. For five years Father Paul has preached, inspired, taught and led his congregation and the community in the spirit of our Lord’s love.

During these deliberations, be kind to Father Paul’s ministry which we have witnessed in our presence. Be especially kind in dealing with the questions which may come from our younger members of the Church. Be kind when speaking in their presence. Our younger generations look up to what we hold dear. Let’s not mislead them by unsubstantiated rumors, judgemens, or personal piques. Yes, we, too need our heroes. Some wise person said “believe nothing that you hear, and only half of what you see.” St. John says “Love one another...because God is Love.”

— Stanley J. Zagraniczny, 5929 Lower Lawence St.