Deep stands out for Family Court

Published Nov 2, 2017 at 4:00pm

As a young lawyer, I handled many cases in Family Court. Later, when I had the privilege of representing you in the State Senate, I chaired the Committee on Children and Families and worked with then Chief Justice Judith Kaye and the Family Court Judges Association to rewrite significant parts of the Family Court Act to strengthen protections for abused and neglected children. I can justifiably say I know a thing or two about Family Court. It is frequently the last resort for the abused, the neglected, and families in crisis.

That is why your vote for Family Court judge is the most important one you will cast this year. Paul Deep is the candidate who stands out as best qualified and prepared to assume this important office. He has dedicated the majority of his law practice to Family Court work. This is most assuredly not a path to riches, but it is an indicator of his dedication to the Court’s mission. Paul Deep also has experience as a prosecutor. His life story tells us that he will have the right combination of experience, compassion and, when needed, toughness.

Think carefully about your most important vote. Please join me in voting for Paul Deep.

— Raymond A. Meier,

Town of Western