Clancy shows commitment to Rome, Verona

Published Nov 3, 2017 at 4:00pm

I am writing to encourage everyone to vote to re-elect Mike Clancy as their county legislator. He covers parts of Rome and Verona. I have known Mike for nearly 20 years, and I want to say that he has dedicated a large part of his life to volunteering for community service in our area.

He served over 20 years as president of Verona and VVS Little Leagues and has been the treasurer of the Verona Volunteer Fire Department for nearly that long and responded to almost 100 emergency calls last years. Both times when I had an issue with the county road in front of my house, Mike came and looked, took pictures and had someone come from the county DPW to figure out how to fix it.

He has told me how important he felt it is to be the liaison between the people of Rome and Verona in the district, and the county and state.

We have a genuinely dedicated and experienced legislator who has proven his commitment to our area for over two decades, and we need to keep him. Please remember to vote for Mike Clancy on Nov. 7. Thank you.

— Randall Simpson, Verona